Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Would a cyberattack on a NATO country trigger Article 5?

Top Answer: This will probably depend on a number of things, for example the target of the attack (critical infrastructure or secondary targets), severity/consequences, ability to perform high fidelity attribution, etc.

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Have you or your organization taken any steps to help those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Share any resources you think could be useful.

Top Answer: Different relocation scenarios and alternative seeking ways of payments is what we faced so far.

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How likely is an organization to have misconfigured multi-factor authentication (MFA) settings?

Top Answer: The "basics" of MFA are usually straightforward and not very challenging to get right. The challenging part is what happens next, I often refer to it as "operationalizing" security - driving adoption and awareness, providing training, controlling configuration drift, etc.

What do you think of organizations’ responses to the potential for cyber threats due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Top Answer: When the Russia-Ukraine conflict came to a head earlier this year, our company offered small and medium enterprises our product for free, to help with the impact. We made the offer via LinkedIn and got upwards of 1,600 views within 24 hours, but nobody responded. I'm not sure why, but the early feedback I received from several peers was that the offer hadn’t moved the needle for them because this conflict was seen as a formidable global opponent, which has been found to be not worth the effort. The estimates were overblown and there hasn’t been much impact. A lot of the nation-state teams that I read from continue to predict that we have yet to see the best of what’s to come. So my question is: What's the benefit of holding back your punch? I sense that there is another piece that has yet to fall into place. We're only seeing the early steps towards something. 

How has your company approached internal communications about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and how do you feel about those communications?

Top Answer: Being the global (and multi-national) organisation, we have taken a sensitive approach to a) address the well-being of staff, b) offer support for counselling on need basis and c) share the regular and on-going communications 

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Have you seen any indication that there's an increased cyber threat due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Top Answer: I have seen more sales reps approaching and using it as an excuse to sell more products and more emails from security vendors about how their product can protect us. I haven't seen any specific attacks that I can contribute to it, but It's not like state-sponsored actors were not active before

Will Russia’s escalating cyber attacks widen the war in Ukraine?

Top Answer: If their Cyber actions were to cause a larger impact than the Colonial Pipeline, I believe it would probably escalate into formal war, if enough valid proof were obtained.  EG, Bring down the Eastern Power Grid for two plus weeks, and I think things would escalate rapidly.  Perhaps we would bring their entire grid down.  However, they probably have a lot less vulnerable automation for their grid than we do.  And their society may tolerate loss of power longer.   We live in dangerous times of escalation.

How is your team/organization supporting employees directly or indirectly affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Top Answer: We have made our product CLAW (an Attack Surface Analysis Platform) available to all those that have been (or believe to be) affected by the crisis. www.cybernetiq.io or reach out directly for more details at info@cybernetiq.io. 

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How is the Software Industry reacting to the most current geo-political issues? Is there a change in distribution of new Technology Centers? Which countries are becoming the favourite destinations?

Top Answer: I think the industry in general is trying to figure out how they can pivot from reliance on Ukraine to other regions, while understanding that this model may no longer be sustainable going forward. We're also still playing a lot of "wait and see" with what happens in Ukraine and if any of those previous relationships are salvageable and how to approach that with other countries going forward. 

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Are you geo-blocking traffic from Russia? Do you consider geo-blocking to be an effective method?

Top Answer: Yes we do, all the countries we do not do business with. Its a best practice but won’t stop a targeted attack (its easy to bypass and launch the attach from another country), but in the layered approach of security i.e defence in depth it plays a role and should be implemented

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