Application Architecture

Application Architecture
What will the consequences of citizen developers be in the near future?

Top Answer: It's interesting because Microsoft is doing a low-code, citizen developer type of thing. But it seems like it’s just a newer version of loaders notes. You can build whatever you want to build, call it an app and you're done. That creates sprawl and, from an information architecture perspective, it gives people heartaches because everybody's coding things differently and none of the apps talk to each other. So it will probably be seven or eight years before we can bring it all back together.

Will microservices ever arrive?

Top Answer: I'd say it depends on what layer you're dealing with. If you're a good developer, modularizing your application allows you to scale up faster without making complete changes. That's always a challenge when you ask developers to change something because they’ll say, "I need to rewrite everything to do that." But if they've done the right job and put those things in smaller containers that are manageable, then that layer works if you have proper engineers. But I don't think the layer between multiple applications and solutions is ever going to materialize.

Why is it difficult for enterprise architects (EAs) to gain the respect of the organization?

Top Answer: Respect is one of the biggest challenges I've observed over the years — that is where it starts to fall apart. As soon as enterprise architects (EAs) lose the respect of the organization, people will do everything in their power to circumvent the EA. And that’s what's so difficult about the role: if you lose that respect, it's virtually impossible to regain it. The only way you can regain it is to rename the role, as if you’re putting it into the witness protection program, and relaunch it as something else. Then we thank people for their feedback and incorporate it. Maintaining that credibility is one of the most challenging aspects of enterprise architecture. If you can solve for how to have the respect of the organization, then you know that you are driving value because respect is earned.