Applications & Platforms

Applications & Platforms
ERP Usage and ChallengesERP Usage and Challenges

How are decision-makers using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools? Benchmark with your peers.

If you had a magic wand - what's the #1 daily business challenge you'd eliminate?

Top Answer: Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.

What do you think about Industry 4.0? Another hype/buzzword or a genuine concept/idea?

Top Answer: Wheel Blockchain is the part for me that is the most promising of the industry 4.0 it will facilitate and secure a lot of processes in the industry.

Benefits of Software IntegrationsBenefits of Software Integrations

How much value does integrating key business software provide to IT leaders? 100 CIOs share their thoughts in the Pulse community.

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What business applications do you think NFT's will have in the near future?

Top Answer: Reward based system for staff performance. Just a thought.

If you are a current SAP customer, when do you plan to migrate to SAP S/4HANA?

Top Answer: No plan to migrate soon.

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Has edge computing arrived?

Top Answer: Just because you don’t recognize it doesn’t mean that Edge hasn’t arrived. Those of us in the data center or infrastructure space often look for Edge to show up like the Kardashian’s entourage — something you couldn’t miss. In the consumer space, folks expect edge to announce itself when they use technology, as if they might hear, “thank you for using this facility, which was enabled via an edge solution.” Edge has already arrived in critical ways, we just don’t recognize it as such. One of the problems for infrastructure geeks like me is that without some huge killer app, which by itself requires hundreds of new data centers distributed globally, edge seems to not be happening.  Edge is more likely to be dozens to hundreds of locations with 1 to 10 servers. If 1,000 ants attacked you individually over the course of several days, you probably wouldn’t think “Oh my god, they’re taking over the world.” But if 1,000 ants all attacked you at the same time you would notice. Edge deployments are more like the ants attacking one to three at a time. Instances are being deployed for thousands of different use cases in thousands of individual locations, but they arrive by individual UPS delivery, not via a train or even a semi-trailer truck.

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Transportation Logistics SoftwareTransportation Logistics Software

Global supply chains can be optimized through transportation logistics tools—but what do IT leaders look for when considering a solution?.

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Will there ever be one “killer app” for Edge?

Top Answer: Most folks have been, or are still looking for the killer app for Edge. From the early days of Edge, I’ve said that there are killer verticals, but there is unlikely to be a killer app. A killer vertical is something like manufacturing or healthcare; whereas a killer app would be something like a Fitbit or shop floor automation. A killer app is characterized by the assumption that it will, by itself, drive or fund technology deployment at the edge. On the other hand, killer verticals are real and there are many, from blockchain to bulldozers, and from data sovereignty to data analytics with AI. Several leading industry firms including Gartner have indicated that this is the year that enterprise investment in Edge will take off and I agree. In fact, Gartner says enterprises will increase their investments in Edge this year by 76% on average, from $262K to $462K.

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What do you think about the metaverse in general?

Top Answer: The metaverse is a giant hype fest, at least as it's defined by Mark Zuckerberg. I am not a fan of the idea that we're going to strap goggles onto our head and live in an immersive experience like that. I do believe that there will continue to be more fusion between technology and the real world, but in the Facebook/Meta definition of the metaverse, there is a serious flaw in the assumption that technology will evolve quickly enough for the user interface or the display technology to catch up to what is necessary for the vision to be realized. At some point in the future, we'll probably have holodecks and other things that we've seen in movies like Star Wars. But I don't know that we're going to see a holodeck in our lifetime and the substitutes we’ll get in the meantime won’t be that impactful.