Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions
What are your thoughts on SaaS management platforms (SMP)?

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What strategies should IT departments maintain focus on to provide internal customers with great service?

Top Answer: It’s about removing friction and barriers. One way we did that was shipping you a laptop—when you open it up out of the plastic you get that cool feeling. When you turn it on and put in your credentials, suddenly it recognizes that it's you, and all your birthright apps, etc., are already there. If you can produce magic like that, especially at scale, that's like marketing. It sends the message that we care about experience and we care about your time. And if you do need to call IT or get help, then it’s because you have an actual question, it’s not: "How do I set this up? How do I get on Slack?” It's all just magically there. When you double down on those experiences, you don’t have to say, "Hey, we love customer experience and it's in our DNA," you just see it. You see the quality in an Apple product or the ease-of-use of a Tesla and without necessarily marketing, it becomes viral.

Is it right for a company to expect you to use your personal phone number when you work from home?

Top Answer: Usually, companies that have a Bring your own device (BYOD) policy for mobile phones offset the cost of having the device through some form of stipend to the employee. This allows the individual to have the capability of having a single number for both personal and professional interactions. It also eliminates the need to juggle multiple phones. I think this will extend to a sheer WFH situation. Expecting an employee to use their personal phone without some form of stipend of support is taking the employee for granted IMHO.

Which of the following would be your preference for the future of virtual meetings?

Top Answer: A blended model of voice and video, globally we do not have connection equality, so video conferencing can be problematic. Allowing those in low internet zones to join through a voice channel will avoid discrimination.

What is your preferred collaboration style when working remotely?

Top Answer: I’ve been working with collaborating software for 15+ years. I never really found the camera that helpful. Being able to reliably talk interactively and share my screen at high resolution is the key. If I can show you apps while manipulating them I’m good. Only times I’ve really used the camera was to point it outside to show approaching storm, snow or what the dog was doing

When do you get brought into the buying process?

Top Answer: 1. To formulate the RFP and provide technical specifications 2. To help evaluate the proposals and give feedback 3. To agree on the terms of the goods/services being acquired (SLAs)

What's your favorite way to communicate when using a messaging service?

Top Answer: I selected text... But admittedly I've carried on full conversations with Bitmoji without a word of text...