Data Center Strategy

Data Center Strategy
What data center innovations seem most promising?

Top Answer: Even as a data center geek, it’s tough these days to keep up with the innovation in that space. There are data center solutions for almost every opportunity, whether you want to drop a box in a gas station parking lot in the desert, the broom closet of the local drug store or the parking garage of a small town. You can now deploy high-quality, high-efficiency, quick time to value and low maintenance data centers (DCs) in days or weeks almost anywhere in the world.  The most fascinating aspect of this improved set of DC opportunities is often the price point: You can buy tier II or tier III DC capacity on an MW basis for about the same amount the hyperscalers were spending per MW to build 100 MW facilities just 5 years ago. And the pricing continues to improve. In the past you might avoid building your own data center because it takes two years, it’s a huge CapEx burden, it locks you into a location and it’s hard to manage. But these concerns are being addressed through better financing, shared use or shared revenue models, the ability to repurpose, lower initial build costs, greatly improved automation and much faster time-to-value.

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