Data Science & Algorithms

Data Science & Algorithms
What advice would you give to CTOs newly managing machine learning (ML) and data science teams?

Top Answer: If you've not dealt with R&D and all of a sudden you have one of these teams under you, allow the staff to govern the direction they’re heading. Your job as a CTO is to give them the general direction their work's meant to take. You’re only going to make your staff leave by insisting on delivery dates and written weekly updates, or subscribing to a ticket story system.  If you make them leave you might lose a valuable R&D researcher. And for every 10 applicants that I get on paper, nine of them are not a good fit. On paper, they've got the right academic background, qualifications and sometimes even a bit of industry experience, but only 1 in 10 will be a valuable addition to the company. So if you keep cycling though your staff, you'll soon be left with the people that are not that valuable to your company. And those people are not going to leave because they're not the ones that are being headhunted.

Do your company’s machine learning or data science teams fall under the purview of the CTO?

Top Answer: In our company we have the CNO leading the Network and CIO leading the IT team. Data Scientist team falls under CIO. 

Why are machine learning (ML) and data science teams reporting to the CTO?

Top Answer: Machine learning (ML) and data science teams are reporting to the CTO because that's just the way the entire world's going. Companies are more and more reliant on their tech. And they're realizing that their companies are actually tech companies. I'm working for a company in the marketing space, and it is a tech company. We just happen to be in the marketing industry. And our CEO is cognizant of that.  ML is being used by a lot more companies; it's finding uses in nearly every industry for many different purposes. Where else is the company going to put these teams other than under your CTO? That's the direction the winds are heading: more tech and within tech, more ML.