End-User Services & Collaboration

End-User Services & Collaboration
Is consumption-based IT (ie paying for IT services based on consumption rather than on a subscription basis) the right fit for your organisation?

Top Answer: It depends a lot on the service or application in question We found consumption based for conference calls over priced. WebEx for example was way over priced for our volume so we switched to Skype. (Now Teams) For other things like our expense reports solution- since travel is highly variable a consumption model has reduced our total costs on a year to year comparison. And it really saved in 2021 and probably 2022. However that has held true sins every 2015 when we switched

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If you had a magic wand - what's the #1 daily business challenge you'd eliminate?

Top Answer: Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.

End-User Security TrainingEnd-User Security Training

As sophisticated as cybersecurity tools become, end users still need to be aware of cybersecurity risks. Benchmark your end-user training against your peers.

What do you think about Industry 4.0? Another hype/buzzword or a genuine concept/idea?

Top Answer: Wheel Blockchain is the part for me that is the most promising of the industry 4.0 it will facilitate and secure a lot of processes in the industry.

Citizen Developers: On the Rise?Citizen Developers: On the Rise?

Are citizen developers active in your organization? Compare your thoughts with other peers.

Remote Employee EngagementRemote Employee Engagement

What strategies have IT leaders been implementing to foster and track remote employee engagement?

How are you supporting your employees during Ramadan? Have you done anything specific?

Top Answer: In order to let our employees avail maximum benefits of the holy month of Ramadan 1. We have reduced the working hours 2. Working hours decided by taking consent of each employee 3. Celebrated a Sehri with employees 4. Will be breaking the fast with whole team

1. Do you know where your data is and is it secure? 2. Do you have a network security or information security team at your organization? What are your thoughts on the above questions?

Top Answer: 1.  Yes I know where my data is.  Do I know it's precise location in storage or network?  No.  But that's what you get when you use someone else's compute instances, i.e. cloud.  Do I need to know exactly where it is?  Not really.  Not when the hosting provider can have more protection for the money than you can.  As long as you can meet regulatory and legal requirements and protect access to your data then it should be ok.  I say should as bear in mind the change a hosting provider made that gave their engineers access to all data stored in their systems before quickly revoking it.  If you are a government, defence or a bank, you MAY want to have more control of where your data actually is. 2.  Yes, everybody does, even if you are a one man band, guess what, you are your security team and you'd better learn at least the basics or risk getting burned.

If you are a current SAP customer, when do you plan to migrate to SAP S/4HANA?

Top Answer: No plan to migrate soon.

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What is best for full stack development? Please share your opinion in comments

Top Answer: JavaScript/TypeScript & Node JS for web dev, Python for data analytics/science/ML