Modernizing Customer-Facing App DevelopmentModernizing Customer-Facing App Development

This Pulse survey of 100 IT and engineering leaders uncovers how companies are prioritizing and optimizing customer-facing application development.

If you are a current SAP customer, when do you plan to migrate to SAP S/4HANA?

Top Answer: No plan to migrate soon.

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How Flexible is Your Customer Identity Solution?How Flexible is Your Customer Identity Solution?

In this survey, tech execs share some of the most common features and benefits they look for in a customer identity and access management (CIAM) tool.

If you had a magic wand - what's the #1 daily business challenge you'd eliminate?

Top Answer: Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.

What do you think about Industry 4.0? Another hype/buzzword or a genuine concept/idea?

Top Answer: Wheel Blockchain is the part for me that is the most promising of the industry 4.0 it will facilitate and secure a lot of processes in the industry.

What are the key challenges with managing both data scientists and software engineers?

Top Answer: I had a lot of experience in industry R&D prior to moving to management. R&D can't exist in a void; they always need to interface with the software engineering teams to get the product developed. R&D will hack up a poorly commented, poorly designed version that works. They'll make sure that whatever you're trying to do, there is a proof of concept (PoC). Then that gets passed to software engineering. In a utopian world, that would be the end of it and the R&D people would then work on something else; but the reality is that the R&D people still need to work closely with the software engineers to make sure that the PoC is implemented properly. Going through that several times allowed me to understand the software engineering processes very well, which has allowed me to manage that better. I have had to manage teams directly before, which is a bit more work and more of a mindset shift for myself, because we got to manage planning meetings and sprints to ensure everything stayed on track. I now have a software engineering manager who does most of that, which gives me that extra layer of abstraction from the day-to-day and allows me to pass off high-level tasks. My overall experience of adapting to manage software development teams was a lot less painful than what I see many software developers-turned-CTOs go through as they begin managing R&D teams. Those CTOs will say things like, "Oh my God, they worked for two weeks and there's no plan at all," or, “I give them stories and they're ignored.” I haven't had the same sort of frustrations.

We have a working angular application and are going for a UI refresh where only some of the modules will go in. Our team is fully angualr developers, but should we change the framework from angualr to react?

Top Answer: React is good but there is nothing wrong with Angular. I would recommend todo a spike. Pick one part of the application (neither the easier nor the harder) and see what challenges you find and if React is a good fit for your team.

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How is your team leveraging analytics to make business decisions? Comment below on what analytics tools you use.

Top Answer: We use Qlik Sense and have various apps for different teams that tracks information for their teams/groups. Its useful to provide analytics for systems that do not have that included natively but also to create reports/dashboard that the native analytics of the vendor is missing. For example if your phone system is missing a certain report you can pull the info from the phone system database and create a custom report that is important for you. There are is a free desktop version as well, which is useful for analyzing data from various report usually from databases or excel. Power BI is an a very straight forward SaaS tool, if you are o365 user its a no brainer to get started with it.

Pulse Weekly Executive Briefing: Data ManagementPulse Weekly Executive Briefing: Data Management

Pulse does weekly deep dives into new products in enterprise industry. This week, we look at Data Management with Quilt Data. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Law5xDnU8