Is stability / uptime a concern for you with your cloud provider?  Thinking back to AWS' major outage in 2017, shouldn't we be past these issues? https://www.zdnet.com/article/ibm-cloud-outage-downs-customer-websites-globally/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=29349190877791638188562104926226&mid=12873514&cid=2259891406

Top Answer: It should be a concern.    No Hyperscaler is immune,  and we're not past these issues. AWS confirmed on 12-07-2021 "it was experiencing issues in the US-East-1 Region" that took down business and consumer services.  Many companies have already adopted a Multicloud strategy.  Moreover, it makes sense to use cloud service providers with complementary capabilities so that the business maintains access to best in class technologies.

Who has been your favorite non-tech keynote or featured speaker? Is anyone actually drawn in by a famous musical act or comedian?

Top Answer: A few comments: Adam Grant gives an incredible talk about workplace dynamics (e.g. give/take).  Will.I.Am is an incredibly intelligent musician and has a lot to offer in terms of business insights.   Of course my all time favorite (and sadly probably the most expensive to retain) is Jim Collins (good to great, great by choice)

What's a greater concern for returning to the office? Comment how you are prioritizing...

Top Answer: The majority of our focus is definitely on the human factors as the technical factors are mostly related to things we had to solve as we went distributed.  We will need some additional technical stuff to support the human factors (eg. scheduling software to limit the # of people in the office at the same time) but solving the human factors of helping people to feel comfortable, ensuring that safety precautions are being followed, etc... are much harder and why it will be a while before we go back.

If a cybersecurity company like FireEye can be breached by a state actor, how concerned are you about malicious actors?

Top Answer: Every company can be breached. It’s trite, but it is not a matter of if, but when. With that, FireEye was an extremely big target. They had information about much of the Fortune 500 and Federal  government. They also had a large cache of powerful security tools. This made them one of the largest targets in the world. They were ostensibly the victim of a nation-state attack. These nation-state attacks require people and money, and they are limited who they can attack. So it is not like every company is going to be a target of nation-state attacks.  But if you are on their radar, ensure your guard is up.

What does the termination of the Visa-Plaid acquisition and subsequent merger mean, if anything, for the digital frontier of currency?

Top Answer: My perspective is they abstracted a way on top of efficient payment rails. It gave you some interface, but they didn't actually solve performance issues.

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Does signing logos like Zoom and 8x8 positively enhance your view of Oracle IaaS?

Top Answer: Given their position, “positively enhance your view” doesn’t mean enhanced enough to become “would purchase” given other Pulse polls around IaaS providers.