If you are a current SAP customer, when do you plan to migrate to SAP S/4HANA?

Top Answer: No plan to migrate soon.

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What is the most effective frequency for 1-on-1 meetings with direct reports?

Top Answer: I feel like this depends on a lot of variables, such as: do you see each other nearly everyday (work in same office vs remote), how much coaching does the person need, are there external factors influencing the person (challenging stakeholders or sensitive projects). It’s not a one size fits all, but the key is to always have the next meeting booked in the calendar.

Is it viable to change ERP provider when upgrading? i.e. Oracle to SAP. What reasons would drive your decision to even consider an alternative?

Top Answer: Probably a very heavy lift and hard to justify a business case . Usually such decisions to move from one ERP to another has to be made due to some compelling underlying drivers . In my experience - most of the problems faced by ERP users are rooted in bad operational design, lack of system proficiency and organizational complications such as unclear department responsibilities, lack or missing functional roles , disconnected systems and data relationships etc

When are you expecting to reopen your offices to your workforce?

Top Answer: We are being flexible. We're able to return to 50% occupancy as of next week, but will be allowing folks to work remotely for the majority of the week. 1-2 On site days and 2-3 remote days. We feel it's the best balanced approach

Who has been your favorite non-tech keynote or featured speaker? Is anyone actually drawn in by a famous musical act or comedian?

Top Answer: A few comments: Adam Grant gives an incredible talk about workplace dynamics (e.g. give/take).  Will.I.Am is an incredibly intelligent musician and has a lot to offer in terms of business insights.   Of course my all time favorite (and sadly probably the most expensive to retain) is Jim Collins (good to great, great by choice)

How has GDPR and CCPA changed your use or procurement cybersecurity tools?

Top Answer: Not much directly but in some situations avoiding an agent, a plugin, or something that requires a cookie will mitigate privacy risks.  Many security technologies in how they are architected, deployed, and how the vendor gathers and shares information actually is generating a substantial amount of privacy risk