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Mobile Devices
Have you seen examples of wearable technology intended for personal safety or emergencies?

Top Answer: Amongst all the wearable tech devices that are out there, why isn't there something that protects us? Women in particular would have a use for that. Years ago, I brought an idea I had to Disney, which was a way to track children who wander away from their school playground. There are a lot of issues that people have with their children being snatched, so I wondered why there was nothing you could add to their garment that would allow them to be tracked. 20 years later, we're looking at thread in our clothing that can be electrified. Digital clothing is starting to appear in the market, but none of it is protecting you. There should be something in my coat that I can touch to let people know I need emergency assistance. That is the kind of technology for good that we should be looking towards. We should be trying to find ways to bring that out into the market that will not scare people. With emergent and exponential technologies in particular — AI coming together with blockchain, wearables and other kinds of technology like 5G capability and even 6G — what direction will those things take? If you were using all of this emerging or exponential technology, how would you throw that into a startup in some way that created value based on a bad situation?

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Do you like the Oculus?

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What's your experience with corporate phones? Is this something employees want/need?

Top Answer: We tried BYOD. It was a failure. Mostly due to our corporate culture. A few people did volunteer for BYOD but it replaced less than 4% of the pool of devices. I think it can work but it will depend more on your culture than your technology. PM me if you want to discuss. Bottom line if you provide good benefits to your employees they might be willing to subsidize the cost of you being able to reach them 7x24 at their own expense

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What are your thoughts about the Oculus?

Top Answer: Today’s Oculus is comparable to the bulky gadgets we had in big workstations 20 years ago. Back then you might have had a 90MHz Pentium CPU — what is it today? When you compare the current Oculus to what Google Glass was 10 or 15 years back, it may end up being minimized into a similar type of device. Evolution may happen but you don't know it will. It may just fizzle out in a few years.

What specific impacts has the COVID-19 pandemic had on IT organizations in education?

Top Answer: The pandemic has been an interesting challenge to come up to speed on. I'm the CIO for the Cherry Creek School District and we have about 55K kids. I came out of the private sector and being in the public sector is still very interesting. There's just so much that we have to deal with in K-12 public education and in. The pandemic has been a complete mess. We've been able to stay in school but from the start of the pandemic in March 2020, we had to spin up 55K devices really fast. It was a crazy time to put that out so rapidly and trying to control that has been complete chaos. No one in their right mind would go one-to-one in just a few weeks and do it across an entire system. People don't understand the scale of what we deal with between the 55K kids, about 10K staff, and then 35K parents. I get to 100K IDs pretty fast. That’s on top of thousands of security cameras, telephones, and the internet — our internet pipe is massive.