Project Management

Project Management
How does lack of prioritization impact a transformation initiative’s success?

Top Answer: Business transformations are driven by several strategic initiatives tied to business outcomes, which in turn break down into numerous tasks that require complex sequencing and orchestration in order to be successful. Many of these tasks are added to the organization’s backlog and assigned to the team that is also focused on revenue-generating features and existing applications. They are both equally urgent to the organization and in several cases, tasks from both these value streams contend for priority. The result is that teams are expected to multitask or do task switching to achieve progress; however, this results in a drop in productivity. The additional overhead of task management and context switching turns this into a sub-optimal approach.  The approaches I’d recommend instead are: 1. Acknowledge transformational tasks as legitimate and value-generative backlog items.  2. Weight transformational tasks based on the sense of urgency, the strategic impact of the business outcome that the task is driving, and the complexity of the task. 3. Prioritize the backlog.  4. Reduce the velocity of development by a fixed amount through negotiation with business owners. 5. Reduce waste of task switching where possible.

Why do you need to define a specific purpose for your transformation initiative?

Top Answer: A transformation initiative without a clear purpose will inevitably fail. You need to define why you are undergoing such a change. Organizations that do not have a clear sense of direction face constant pressure to be relevant in the ever-changing, dynamic market. Without a clear reason why this change is being implemented, leaders struggle to inspire and rally people, which is critical for a successful transformation. It is imperative that leaders broadly share the vision, mission and purpose of their transformation strategy throughout the organization. The purpose will then resonate among the workforce, thereby increasing support and excitement for the enterprise transformation.

What guardrails have your team put in place to streamline working with the sales team?

Top Answer: We streamlined all projects into the same pipeline so to make sure everything is prioritized holistically at the company level

Project ManagementProject Management

What tools and approaches are decision-makers using for project management? Benchmark your approach against your peers.

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