Relationship Management

Relationship Management
What are your concerns when outsourcing?

Top Answer: How do you think about remote sourcing division for IT companies?  We (itop.io) aim to accelerate your resource supply scaling by relieving you of concerns & effort related to the sourcing operation, including building and managing the resource pool, and ensuring vendors' and candidates' quality and commitment.

Are you using or planning to use in the future a Predictive Index (PI) test for requirement? Do you find them accurate in describing the candidates? What is your experience with them?

Top Answer: I have been subjected to many PI tools during my career for leadership positions. The results were always a true reflection of who I was as a person. The interviewer was astute and asked very insightful questions about what would be my response to specific scenarios. I was pleasantly surprised by the analysis of my persona, it brought about a reason to change to being a better professional.  I have used many PI tools - DISC, Thomas Profile and most recently TopGrading. They focus on personality and are a good predictor of how a person may behave in a team. Highly recommended for important and senior hires.

How are you supporting your employees during Ramadan? Have you done anything specific?

Top Answer: In order to let our employees avail maximum benefits of the holy month of Ramadan 1. We have reduced the working hours 2. Working hours decided by taking consent of each employee 3. Celebrated a Sehri with employees 4. Will be breaking the fast with whole team

1. Do you know where your data is and is it secure? 2. Do you have a network security or information security team at your organization? What are your thoughts on the above questions?

Top Answer: 1.  Yes I know where my data is.  Do I know it's precise location in storage or network?  No.  But that's what you get when you use someone else's compute instances, i.e. cloud.  Do I need to know exactly where it is?  Not really.  Not when the hosting provider can have more protection for the money than you can.  As long as you can meet regulatory and legal requirements and protect access to your data then it should be ok.  I say should as bear in mind the change a hosting provider made that gave their engineers access to all data stored in their systems before quickly revoking it.  If you are a government, defence or a bank, you MAY want to have more control of where your data actually is. 2.  Yes, everybody does, even if you are a one man band, guess what, you are your security team and you'd better learn at least the basics or risk getting burned.

What are some of the benefits of working for a startup vs. an established company? Are there any?

Top Answer: Independence, setting your own path and being able to set directions and change course much faster than with an established company.

How can you get appointed to a Board of Directors? Share your experience and/or opinion.

Top Answer: Let me share my experience and what got me to the board. 1. Respect of the C-suite that I can add value to the enterprise beyond technology 2. Communication skills. Crisp, clear and to the point. 3. Acknowledgment from the IT industry as a business leader which came up in meetings of partners with the CEO 4. Engaging the Board regularly on various aspects of the industry and our business 5. Customer focus. Internal and external 6. Understanding of financials and ratios that matter to the company. 7. Networking. Beyond the companies where I worked my Board nomination and selection was due to recommendations from my network Hope this helps