What's the most difficult aspect for your team in attaining cyber resiliency?

Top Answer: Keeping up with the threats, adjusting policies on time so they are relevant, firmware/code patching for vulnerabilities that might translate to unstable UTM devices

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If the cybersecurity hiring shortage is impacting your cybersecurity team, what are you doing to mitigate it?

Top Answer: I am outsourcing my cybersecurity needs. My biggest issue is that our organization doesn't believe in a remote workforce. Office work only these days that limits who wants to work.

For those outside the US, how have supply chain issues impacted your organization?

Top Answer: For us it drives up costs. It costs me more to get my Mac because I got it from the US. The import duties were more than half the cost of the MacBook itself. Sometimes that discourages those of us who need materials that are not readily available in Nigeria. When you look at the import duties that the government backed, they’re crazy. You buy a product for $10, and you're paying $50 for import duties. It makes no sense. Some organizations might end up going for products that are not up to standard. Especially when it comes to building, if the materials are substandard, one is playing with fire. We recently had a 21-storey building collapse that took the lives of 42 people, including the developer. We do not know what caused it but part of the problem with construction here is some of the materials you need cost a lot to import. So we rely on our supply chain. And sometimes the suppliers will tell you that they are importing something from the US, China or India, but in reality, it’s been manufactured locally with substandard materials.