If you had a magic wand - what's the #1 daily business challenge you'd eliminate?

Top Answer: Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.

Where do you think your organization needs the most help in the Cloud related technologies / solutions?

Top Answer: These votes are interesting. While initially "Cloud native development" was leading in comparison with "Cloud migration", currently it looks like (at 88 votes), "Cloud migration" is leading and the Cloud native development has lagged.   Does that mean Organizations are yet to migrate many of their workloads to Cloud yet (at the end of 2021), and Cloud native development takes a backseat in the priorities overall?

What are your thoughts on SaaS management platforms (SMP)?

Top Answer:

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The cloud vendor bill is just line items on compute/storage/network spend. Are there tools to go beyond the surface and help understand the costs, and optimize cloud consumption? (Note this is not a question of cost saving in the cloud, I have seen the Q&A on that topic in the forums).

Top Answer: Have you tried reaching this cloud vendor's customer service? We use AWS, recently I'd had a meeting with them and they gave me really good pointers to decrease the costs ( Up to 60% so far ).  I strongly recommend you contact them, it might help you.

Future of Content and Records ManagementFuture of Content and Records Management

The future of content and records management is digital. How well are organizations doing this today? 100 IT Executives benchmark themselves against their peers.

What’s the #1 focus of your cloud security strategy?

Top Answer: Right now I'm driving everyone to focus on implementation of basic controls, as I call them, that gives you the best thing for everybody, and to ensure there’s governance around it. Then over time, hopefully you navigate to cybersecurity maturity and reduce your likelihood of being attacked by making sure you put the right controls in place. That's not the answer that people like to hear because it's not sexy, it’s boring—there's no AI or ML mentioned. But there's an opportunity right now to get that to the baseline. After that, when you have it, then you can then leverage technology to be the force multiplier. What I don't want happening right now is that people put AI/ML on a crappy foundation. That will just keep telling you that you have a crappy system over and over again. I don't need a notification every day telling me something's bad if I already know it's bad. But that's where people are wasting a lot of time. So where’s the balance? I think it will be a scale of maturity. You protect your infrastructure, identity, boundaries, and you make sure those are all well connected. From a cyber perspective, you have tight control over what goes in and out of those parameters. And then you can start worrying about some of the loopholes that all these cloud apps are creating in terms of bypassing those boundaries.

What are the biggest hurdles to securely managing cloud environments?

Top Answer: I used to believe in the good Sun Microsystems saying that the network is the computer—don't care about the endpoints, secure the darn network and we'll all be safe. But in today's world of cloud and hybrid and who knows where your edge compute devices are sitting, how do you secure the network? Is it even possible? When all of this great connectivity and capability got created, there weren't billions of devices. It was more like thousands of devices, maybe tens of thousands of devices. So all the protocols that were created all had an underlying element of trust: We trust you won’t do anything malicious with these protocols. 40 years later, the same protocols are still there. Whether it's any version of SNMP, TCP/IP, HTTP—we add an “s” to it, but those were all inherently insecure when they were created. They've been patched together and we haven't replaced them with anything robust, which is now creating this massive problem. The next vector within our homes is IoT, but our personal devices as well, as we walk into an enterprise, are an interesting attack factor.

State of Data OperationsState of Data Operations

The report was conducted as a deep dive into data operation opportunities and challenges for over 150 IT Executives.

What are the main challenges you face with using cloud cms?

Top Answer: Backup and restore. Often all or nothing, lack of granularity, lack of easy cloning of environments for test purposes

Which of the following best describes your biggest challenge with object storage?

Top Answer: For those that chose: Price. There are more cost effective alternatives to mainstream object storage (aws s3 and azure blob) like wasabi

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