Vendor/Product Assessment

Vendor/Product Assessment
What do you think of connectors, or integration solutions?

Top Answer: There are all these software companies who are selling an API, a connector or data fabric, but then it turns out that there's a human building all those connectors, acting as the broker in between. Right now, there's a whole sales pipeline of people selling the ability to merge your solutions seamlessly, but all you end up doing is throwing human bodies at the problem. That's just the old school way of doing things.

Which vendor is the leader in IAM and what makes them stand out?

Top Answer: Okta will probably be the leader. They have a breadth of unmatched features and offerings, a large user base, education materials, certificates, and everything you need from an enterprise solution. They keep buying companies (Auth0, for example) and expanding their portfolio.

When is it beneficial to be a late adopter of a new technology?

Top Answer: One thing that I've praised my team for is not going to cloud in the first trudge. Every airport you walked through had billboards saying, "Cloud will save you, it's what you need to do." Many years ago, we had a meeting to figure out how these companies could be making more money out of this, because something didn’t smell right and money talks. We quickly worked out that, to some extent, there are benefits to moving to cloud, but software as a service (SaaS) and the subscription-based business model is also a money grab. So we actively pushed back, consolidated our own data centers, waited for five years and didn't go cloud. That was a huge help to us because we were not locked into subscription-based contracts that were growing 15% to 20% annually.

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Anyone using hard tokens/hardware-based MFA? What's your experience?

Top Answer: I use hardware-based tokens for my bank transactions and don't like that I cannot replace them with a mobile app. I prefer mobile apps for MFA instead of needing to carry hardware tokens with me.