7 Deadly Sins of I&O Cost Optimization

Ron Blair
Ron Blair

Looking to improve your IT infrastructure and operations? Well, do I have a buzzword for you!

“Operational excellence with hybrid cloud, cloud-only, cloud-first, software-defined, fill-in-the-blank strategy using infrastructure as a code, extreme automation, DevOps, agile methodology to delivery digital value, drive innovation, improve agility, lower cost — wow, this sounds fantastic! But what’s an I&O leader to make f that?”

Gartner Research Director Ron Blair warns that all the buzzwords are interfering with our efforts to maximize I&O’s contributions. You’re probably using them as you commit on the 7 Deadly Sins of I&O Cost Optimization and Transformational Investment, as Ron outlines in his research note of that name. The seven sins are as follows: 1. The Transformational Trap; 2. Bad Strategy; 3. Having Responsibility for IT Demand with No Chargeback Model; 4. Business Case Blunders; 5. Siloed Suboptimization; 6. A Non-actionable Approach; and 7. “Think” vs. “Know” Results. Are you guilty of all of them, or is there a way to pinpoint where your organization indeed “sins” with I&O?


  • 00:46 — The Problem with Buzzwords
  • 03:22 — Cost Optimization vs. Cost Reduction
  • 05:28 — The Transformational Trap
  • 07:50 — Business Case Blunders
  • 10:14 — “Think” vs. “Know” Results
  • 13:12 — Determining Your Sins


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Ron Blair is a Research Director of Infrastructure Strategies for IT Leadership within Gartner. Mr. Blair’s current coverage is focused on cost optimization and helping organizations balance total-cost-of-ownership needs with total-value-of-ownership desires amid the vast amount of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and on-premises options available in the marketplace. He is also the lead analyst for the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Magic Quadrant. Previously, he was a global product director in the service provider arena and focused on creating various “as a service” offerings. Areas of responsibility included idea generation, business case creation and funding, development, pricing, vendor partnering, sales enablement, marketing, and delivery readiness.


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