Be a Digital Disruptor

David Mitchell Smith
David Mitchell Smith

Here’s a guarantee about digital transformation: It will disrupt your life. Home, business, every part of your life will be impacted by digital disruption. The question is, will you just be disrupted, or will you be a disruptor? David Mitchell Smith is a Gartner Fellow and research vice president:

“Often, people in companies think only in terms of what disrupts their business, what disrupts their products, and it is useful to take a step back and be thinking about how it impacts individuals. Because last time I checked, all the corporations are made up of people, and that’s where you see a lot of the disruption happening on a grand, massive scale and having the biggest impact.”

David Mitchell Smith is also the lead author of the Gartner research report, “Digital Disruption and the New Digital Disruptors,” now out on He argues you need to become a disruptor. What exactly is a digital disruptor? More importantly, how do you turn your organization into one? We’ll provide answers in this coversation with David.


David Mitchell Smith is a Research Vice President and Gartner Fellow, where he leads the agenda for cloud computing and digital disruptors. He specializes in the impact of catalytic technologies, such as the Internet, Web technologies, cloud computing, digital business and consumer technologies. During his 20-plus years at Gartner, he has played a leadership role in several of the company’s efforts in these areas, including the emergence of cloud computing, the impact of disruptive vendors and the consumerization of IT. He has served as the lead Gartner analyst covering major vendors, such as Microsoft, IBM, Sun and AOL, and is currently the lead on Amazon. Mr. Smith is often quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and has frequently been a guest on CNBC. In 2002, Adweek’s Technology Marketing magazine named him the most influential industry analyst. Mr. Smith has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry.