Blockchain Special Report: What to Expect in 2018

David Furlonger
David Furlonger
Rajesh Kandaswamy
Rajesh Kandaswamy

Despite all the hype, how pervasive is blockchain really? Gartner analyst David Furlonger says it’s everywhere:

“It’s hard to find an industry that hasn’t got some kind of use case in front of it today. And that’s manufacturing, logistics, education, banking, government services, everywhere you go. It’s hard to find a jurisdiction or geography where isn’t some level of experimentation as well.”

David Furlonger and fellow Gartner Research Vice President Rajesh Kandaswamy are the co-authors of the latest Gartner special report on blockchain, Blockchain-Based Transformation. They joined us in studio for a wide-ranging look at how viable blockchain is for your organization now, what you need to do to take advantage of it, and what you have to be careful not to do.


  • 00:43 — How practical is blockchain?
  • 02:32 — How extensively is it used?
  • 05:56 — Underutilized areas of use
  • 10:40 — Is blockchain for everyone?
  • 14:14 — Do we need to start now?
  • 19:27 — Finding the right fit
  • 24:07 — What not to do


Blockchain: What to Expect in 2018



David Furlonger is a VP and Gartner Fellow. Mr. Furlonger works primarily with CEOs, senior business leaders and CIOs. His research focus is as a futurist, analyzing how long-term business and technology trends strategically impact industries and organizations. He also co-leads Gartner’s blockchain Centre of Excellence. His specific research areas include: developing Gartner’s Annual CEO and CIO Surveys, the future of the financial services industry, innovation, digital business and blockchain. He is an accomplished and frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader with extensive international experience. Before joining Gartner, Mr. Furlonger worked in multiple business areas of the banking and investment services industry at Williams and Glyn’s, Baring Brothers and Commerzbank, as well as at Engelhard, an international chemical company. He was also an entrepreneur helping to found, publicly list and sell a software and media business in North America. Mr. Furlonger has more than 36 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Gartner, he acted as an Industry Consultant. He also co-ran a dot-com startup for three years, taking the company through a direct public offering and subsequent acquisition. During this time, Mr. Furlonger was involved in designing and deploying one of the first fully integrated financial portals and live-to-air national television programs. Other roles have included defining management strategy and planning, merger and acquisition activity, market analysis, product development, and project management. During the previous 17 years, Mr. Furlonger held various positions in investment and international banking companies, including management roles in proprietary trading and risk management, institutional sales and trading, data modeling, financial engineering, and quantitative analysis, as well as system design and selection. In addition, he was the Deputy European Treasurer of a U.S. multinational chemical and precious metal company and participated in the early adoption and deployment of corporate treasury systems.


Rajesh Kandaswamy covers banking, investment services, blockchain and fintech. Mr. Kandaswamy provides strategy and marketing direction by helping clients understand key issues, market dynamics, trends, best practices, competitive landscapes and future scenarios. His coverage is global, with a deeper focus on North America. Mr. Kandaswamy has been frequently quoted in leading publications on items related to banking, blockchain and fintech. Mr. Kandaswamy has 20 years of experience in technology, with both banks and technology providers. Prior to Gartner, he was at Citigroup for five years, where he led the program office for mobile and tablet initiatives for consumer banking globally. He has also managed technology delivery for replacing core banking systems and established a managed services program for the retail bank. He spent the earlier 15 years with service providers, including BearingPoint, where he led technology transformation efforts for clients in financial services and led the global solution development efforts.