Break Through to a Digital Culture

Gartner ThinkCast No. 174, December 11, 2018

TC logoA successful digital culture starts with the right mission statement — but not this one.

“We are transforming into a digital-first organization ready for the challenges of the 21st century, exploiting our ecosystem of partners in order to deliver agility and innovation and engagement to our customer-centric, blah, blah, blah engagement … you know, like shoot me. Nobody gets out of bed for that, right?” (Mary Mesaglio, Gartner)

This week on Gartner ThinkCast, we’ve got your wake-up call for creating a thriving digital culture. No, get out of the fetal position, no need to stress; your culture is not too big to tackle. It just seems that way.

“When something becomes such a big topic, it actually in effect becomes nothing, because you have no idea how to work on it.” (Christie Struckman, Gartner)

We areknocking culture change down to size, as we break through the barriers to culture change, grab hold of failure, and ride it to the top of digital business.

But before we leap over those barriers, I have a quick announcement – we’ve heard from you that there is a barrier to absorbing all the information on Gartner ThinkCast before the next one comes along. So we’re slowing our roll, as it were – from now on, we’ll be coming to you every other week. Fittingly, that makes the next program a Christmas gift of sorts, as Gartner ThinkCast arrives on December 25th for the holiday season, and then returns on January 8th. Hopefully it proves an even better fit for your busy schedule. Let us know if it does – or doesn’t – by giving us a rating and a comment wherever you subscribe to Gartner ThinkCast.


Mary Mesaglio: To Succeed, Define Failure Not Success

  • 02:07 — Do we truly grasp failure?
  • 04:43 — If not failure, what is it?
  • 07:32 — Good failure vs. bad failure
  • 10:21 — What much change first?

14:45 — Tune in to the Gartner Webinars

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Mary Mesaglio: To Succeed, Define Failure Not Success (continued)

  • 16:06 — Does it start with your CEO?
  • 18:49 — Beware of innovation assassins
  • 22:23 — Breaking through the fear
  • 26:22 — Steps to Take Now

31:17 — Join a Gartner Conference

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Christie Struckman: Break Through the Barriers to Digital Culture

  • 32:27 — Are we aware of the barriers?
  • 34:51 — What are the rewards?
  • 37:37 — The main cultural barriers
  • 40:37 — Underestimated barriers
  • 43:19 — What is the hardest step to take?

45:56 — A new timetable for Gartner ThinkCast

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Christie Struckman: Break Through the Barriers to Digital Culture (continued) 

  • 46:58 — Where do we start?
  • 51:37 — Shifting the mindset
  • 56:15 — Employee Engagement
  • 1:00:16 — What do we tackle first?


Mary Mesaglio

Mary Mesaglio is a Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst with Gartner’s CIO research team. Her research generally has an explicitly practical bent, focused on helping large enterprises to innovate and change their culture. Ms. Mesaglio’s recent work includes “The Art of Culture Hacking” and the 2018 CIO New Year’s Resolutions. She has also written extensively on creativity and how to develop a creative culture, what a world-class innovation charter should contain, how to measure innovation and what world-class IT principles look like. Ms. Mesaglio is Canadian and is based in Barcelona, Spain. She has travelled extensively in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She speaks English, Spanish and French fluently, is working on her Catalan, and would love to learn Japanese one day. In 2003, Ms. Mesaglio rejoined Gartner as a relationship manager for Gartner Executive Programs, where she was responsible for CIOs and IT directors across Spain and Portugal. In 2007, Ms. Mesaglio joined the Gartner CIO Research team.

Christie Struckman

Christie Struckman covers the complex challenges of organizational change and business transformation with a focus on the people perspective. Her areas of focus include IT management, the role of the CIO, organizational change, cultural change and leadership practices. Ms. Struckman is a member of Gartner’s Leadership, Culture and People Dynamics team in the CIO Research group. Prior to joining the Research team, Ms. Struckman worked as an Executive Partner in Gartner’s Executive Program providing guidance and advice to CIOs in multiple industries on most technology and strategy initiatives. Before joining Gartner, she had 10 years of experience in organizational and leadership development in the high-tech industry and public sector. She worked for nine years in customer service, backroom IT services, IT change management and strategic programs in the IT department at Intel. She worked for 10 years consulting on program metric design, survey validation and analysis. She also was a professor focused on the business school topics of organizational behavior, change and leadership.

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