Reinventing the Application Organization

Matt Hotle
Matt Hotle

No one needs to tell you that the business world is changing as digital transformation expands. So maybe you should consider changing your application organization, too? Matt Hotle is a research vice president at Gartner:

“The pace of change is accelerating. So maybe you can outrun it. Maybe you can push yourself, and just try to stay ahead. Just keep your application organization the same, but just try to move a little bit quicker. And you could probably do that for a while, but eventually this wave is going to catch up with you, and it’s going to bury you. So really what you’ve got to do is start to think about is, ‘Okay, how do I consider what is really changing here?’ Because there’s a single word that comes in here, and it’s what’s changing? Everything.”

Matt Hotle says it is time we reinvent our application organizations so our enterprises can thrive in the digital and product-based world. What exactly does that mean? How do we shift our focus to be product-based? Matt Hotle will dive extensively into those questions December 4-6 in Las Vegas at the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit. First, he sat down with us to discuss what needs to change in our application organizations and our overall approach.


  • 00:38 — Restructure or reinvention?
  • 02:28 — What must change now?
  • 08:18 — Organizational structure


Matthew Hotle is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research, where he is responsible for leading research in application strategy and governance. In addition, Mr. Hotle’s personal core areas of research cover application strategy and governance, including portfolio management, pace-layered delivery strategies, organizational design and change, methodologies and agile development, project management, project prioritization, quality assurance and testing, and software metrics. Mr. Hotle has held a variety of management and analyst roles at Gartner. He also started and led Gartner’s Year 2000 Strategies research team and served as a sector chief of research for the infrastructure, architecture and development groups. Mr. Hotle has a broad base of knowledge in application development process, application project management and application development. His experience includes technical and business management, project leadership and management, software engineering, quality assurance, testing and training. 


December 4-6, Las Vegas

The Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2017 is the ultimate digital experience where mobile apps, business applications, customer data and real-time analytics come together. Attendees will be able to explore the intersection of topics such as agile, CRM, event-driven architecture, CX and UX strategies. 

Gartner Applications Strategies & Solutions Summit