Tech Providers’ Digital Disruption Strategy

David Yockelson
David Yockelson

The good news is that digital disruption gives any organization a chance to forge a new competitive advantage. So what’s the bad news?

“The bad news is that it’s easy for everyone. So if you’re an emerging provider, you’re competing with everybody else that has access to all the same stuff. And not withstanding the fact that you might have a tremendous idea and a new way to address the market, the availability of the piece parts and the platforms and the technologies and in some respects the resources, although some of the resources can be scarce for everyone, but those are all out there, they’re all available to everyone at the same time.”

Gartner Research Vice President David Yockelson, co-author of the Gartner Research special report “Willful Disruption – Scaling, Operating, Changing the Digital Game,” returns for the final part of our discussion on the benefits of digital disruption. This time, we look at what tech providers and service providers must do to survive and thrive in this new business environment.


  • 00:27 — What providers must do
  • 05:54 — What helps or hurts a digital disruption strategy



David Yockelson (Twitter: @YockelsonD) is a Research Vice President on the Tech Go-to-Market and Sales Strategies team in the Technology and Service Provider Research organization. He provides research and advisory services on go-to-market strategies for technology providers, particularly focusing on product marketing and strategy, corporate strategy and sales enablement. Additionally, as every organization takes on a tech persona, Mr. Yockelson helps these organizations navigate strategic product go-to-market challenges associated with their delivery of digital business solutions that necessarily leverage cloud, mobile, social, analytical and IoT technologies. Mr. Yockelson has 30 years of high-technology strategy, technical and product marketing and research experience. He was a Research Director and led technology research services at Meta Group (acquired by Gartner in 2005). He held technical and product marketing leadership roles at both startup and F500 organizations, including Prodigy Services, Qumu and IBM, providing thought leadership, positioning, competitive intelligence, sales enablement, channel marketing, pricing and influencer/analyst relations strategy. His technology history includes enterprise and video content management, IoT, mobility, API management, business process and case management. He has also held senior positions in technology M&A as well as corporate strategy, both within investment banking and high-technology firms.


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