The Practical Application of AI

Whit Andrews
Whit Andrews

You know you need to be deploying artificial intelligence in some fashion, but where is the right place to deploy it and prove it was indeed the right place? Whit Andrews leads AI research at Gartner:

“I talked to an organization not long ago and they said, ‘What should my first AI project be?’ Well, we talked for a while and found out what the most important key performance indicator they had was; that is what their first AI project should address. Because once they had done that project, whether it had succeeded or failed, they’d be heroes for trying to address something that the whole organization knew was a challenge. And they’d be heroes because they could never possibly have enough human workers to accomplish the goal that they set for themselves.” 

What should your artificial intelligence goals be, and how do you make it clear to your enterprise that they are the right goals? We dive into those questions and more with Gartner Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Whit Andrews, a lead author of the Gartner Special Report, “The Practical Application of AI.”


  • 00:53 — Where do we stand now with AI?
  • 02:01 — What really is AI?
  • 04:10 — Moving beyond automation
  • 07:08 — Lessons learned
  • 10:24 — Mistakes to avoid


Whit Andrews is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. Mr. Andrews is the agenda manager for Artificial Intelligence. He addresses in particular use cases and business opportunities for AI and cognitive computing. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Andrews was a senior editor at Internet World magazine for four years, where he covered electronic commerce and the major web portals. Previous to that, he worked as a newspaper reporter. 


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