Adriana Machado
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Adriana Machado

Adriana Machado is one of Latin America’s most celebrated women business leaders and an outspoken advocate in the impact economy space. She is a former CEO of GE Brazil, co-founder of the Berlin Future Forum Verein, and founder of the Briyah Institute, a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) that bridges innovation, practice and purpose. Adriana serves on the board of the United Nations Association Miami Chapter and America Solidaria US. She also serves as the Executive Director for the Brain Health Project, an initiative aimed at preventing Alzheimer’s Disease by promoting brain health and slowing cognitive decline. Adriana is a former partner at Granito Group, where she helped create the Impact Economy Foundation (IEF). Adriana became the first woman President & CEO of GE Brazil in 2011. After a 2-year stint as CEO, she served as regional head of Government Affairs & Policy for GE Latin America. Prior to GE, Adriana was Director of Government Relations at Intel Brazil, Director of Strategic Affairs at the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil and a political advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Brasília. She started her career as a research assistant at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA), and as a UNDP Consultant at the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Office of the President of Brazil.
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Terça-feira, 29 Outubro, 2019 04:45 PM|Terça-feira, 29 Outubro, 2019 05:30 PM
Inovação, Prática e Propósito

Em um mundo altamente complexo, onde a mudança é contínua, é fundamental incluir inovação, prática e propósito em nossas vidas e na forma como administramos nossas empresas. À medida que nos conscientizamos do fato que estamos todos conectados, interagindo e evoluindo, entendemos o valor das pessoas, o valor da resiliência e a necessidade de promover um impacto positivo.

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