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Tips To Get Started

To help you get started with Peer Insights, we have put together short video clips to popular topic areas for your ongoing reference.


    1. Benefits of Creating Sourcing Links


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    1. How to Create a Sourcing Link


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    1. Understanding Your Reviews Funnel


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Creating sourcing links is beneficial for everyone:


    • Simplify the process for your end users by selecting which markets and products you would like them to review.
    • Offer end users incentives.
    • Select your target outreach audience.
    • Track the success of your campaigns with corresponding reviews funnels.




    Create custom URL links that bring your customers directly to your products in 3 simple steps.


    Understanding Your Reviews Funnel

    Your Reviews Funnel gives you a high level overview of the reviews that have been sourced through your review sourcing links. It can take 3-7 business days for a review to be moderated. Use your Reviews Funnel to track where reviews are in the moderation process. Click the video to better understand your Reviews Funnel and what it offers.

    Note: Reviews are anonymous. The reviews funnel will not show the names of your reviewers or the companies that they work for.


    Your assigned Program Manager will be able to assist you with any further questions. If you don’t know who your Program Manager is, please email