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Review Sourcing Links

You can now source reviews across all of your products in all of your markets in a single sourcing link. One review sourcing link to rule them all! Or you can focus your sourcing link’s targeting and messaging on a single market while still accepting reviews for all products in that market.

Updated Sourcing Links Tab

An updated listing of the sourcing links with ability to sort, filter and search by sourcing link name. You can now clearly see which review sourcing links are bringing the most published reviews.

screen grab

Our new interface allows you to manage sourcing links fast and easily — giving you greater control to work the way you want to work.

New Review Sourcing Link Types

“All markets” sourcing link enables you to leverage “Write a review” landing page, where your customers can select to review any product(s) that a you offer in any of your markets. This type of sourcing link is great for large scale review sourcing and events that include a broad customer audience.

“Single market” sourcing link will take your reviewer directly to the survey in particular market. They can select to review any product you offer in that market. This is a great way to get reviews from a very targeted audience when your market first launches on Peer Insights or if there is a specific event coming up.

screen grab

Three steps and you‘re done — give your sourcing link a name; select either an all- or single-market sourcing link type; and lastly check-off the incentive policy.

We will also ask you to acknowledge our incentive policy when you create your sourcing links. This will help us track incentives we distributed on your behalf. Read about incentive policy here. You can contact your program manager or email

Updated Sourcing Link Details View

On this page you can edit sourcing link details and analyze sourcing link performance.

screen grab

On the details page you can make edits to the sourcing link’s name and description. The review funnel displays the sourcing link’s performance for better analysis.

Our new review sourcing link tools will help you create sourcing links more easily to get reviews across all markets and products.