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I would like to submit a Peer Insights review. How can I do that?

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I can't find the market and vendor I'd like to explore or review - will Peer Insights be expanded to cover more markets?

Absolutely - please check back later. Our goal is to expand Gartner Peer Insights to cover many more markets. We will continue to roll out new markets in a controlled fashion, prioritizing those markets with high readership in our expert research.

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Can I change my Peer Insights review after I've posted it?

In time you will be able to edit a review directly from the website. For now, if you need to make any edits or changes, please contact

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Which reviews are approved and what is the moderation process?

Reviews are assessed based on a set of unique criteria to determine whether or not a review meets or exceeds Peer Insights' standards for context, quality, and relevance.

A great review typically has the following characteristics:

  • Comments to explain the corresponding ratings
  • Variance in ratings throughout (it is unlikely that the reviewer would feel the same about every aspect of a product or service)
  • Ratings are logically consistent (the overall ratings are in line with the averages of the sub-ratings)
  • Demonstration of experience and expertise with regard to the respective product

Please note, it is the discretion of the Peer Insight group to determine which reviews are approved and published on the site.

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If I submit a Peer Insights review, how long will it be before the review appears online?

There is a moderation process to ensure that all reviews are authentic and readable. If you do not see your review in 10 business days after you submitted it, please send an e-mail to

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What information about a reviewer is visible in Gartner Peer Insights?

The Reviewer Profile in a Gartner Peer Insights review contains demographic data about the reviewer and their company, such as job title, role, industry, and company size, but does not include the reviewer's actual name or company name in order to prevent personal identification.

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How many times may an individual submit a Peer Insights review?

There is no limit on the number of Peer Insights reviews that an individual can submit - through only one review can be submitted on a given vendor's products in any given market, and you must be qualified to write each review. In the future, the author will be able to update their review to add new information over time.

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How do you verify that reviews are from legitimate IT or end-user professionals?

Reviewers are verified through a multi-step process including completion of a profile with their e-mail, job role, title and details about their organization. For a review to be posted on Peer Insights, the writer must:

  • Attest to the authenticity of their review by certifying that (i) they are not an employee, consultant, reseller, direct competitor or in any other way associated with the vendor they are reviewing; and (ii) their feedback is based entirely on their own personal experience with this vendor's product/service;
  • Have an identifiable corporate e-mail address that matches their stated company;
  • Be an IT professional or otherwise involved in technology purchasing;
  • Have a confirmed profile on or a credible external site (e.g., LinkedIn) that verifies their identity, employer, and role;
  • Not be employed by a company that has a direct stake in the market or product being reviewed (this includes system integrators and consultants, as well as the company whose product is being reviewed or competitors in that market).

If you come across a review that looks illegitimate, please alert us by sending an e-mail to

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Can I find Peer Insights reviews from actual end-users of the products and services, or just from IT professionals? Can end-users submit Peer Insights reviews?

You will find Peer Insights reviews from a variety of individuals involved in all aspects of selecting, deploying, servicing, and using the products and services covered. To determine what experience an author has with the product or service being reviewed, look in the "Additional Context" section of the review for the reviewer's involvement.

We welcome the insights from end-users of products and services, and those individuals may submit a Peer Insights review. They should clearly indicate they are an end-user in the question about their involvement with the product or services.

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Do Peer Insights reviews ever expire?

Yes, Gartner Peer Insights reviews will expire two years after submission and approval. The methodology we use for deciding when to expire reviews will become more sophisticated and change over time.

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Does Gartner limit the vendors covered in a market?

No. Reviewers may select from a drop-down list of vendors in a market or they may select "Other" and write-in a vendor not included in the drop-down list. Reviews with write-in vendors will only be approved after confirming the vendor belongs in the market.

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What if I see inaccuracies or something else of concern in someone else's review?

If you have concerns about the accuracy or validity of a review, please contact Be sure to include the specific review in question and the reason you consider it to be invalid.

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Do Gartner Research Analysts provide any input into the review questions?

Gartner Research Analysts helped to develop the baseline survey to ensure a structured, objective and consistent approach to the reviews across markets. Additionally, Analysts provided guidance on questions specific to a market.

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Will Gartner Research Analysts use Peer Insights in their research?

At this time, individual quotes from Gartner Peer Insights will not be used in published research, presentations or other client interactions. However, Gartner Peer Insights reviews will become a new source of information, to be considered along with a variety of other factors, by Gartner Analysts. Analysts conduct in-depth primary and secondary research as the underpinning of the research process. They also draw from a vast network of sources, including interactions with end-user clients, technology providers, and industry leaders, in formats ranging from client inquiries, 1:1 meetings at events and a variety of other client interactions. Analysts may also incorporate content from academic, journalistic and scientific sources. While end-user feedback is important, it is one of many criteria that are considered.

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May I send a private message to the author of a Peer Insights Review?

No. We are very careful to protect the identity of our reviewers to encourage them to provide all relevant detail about the products and services they review.

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How does Gartner collect and display information about a review's source?

Gartner collects Peer Insights reviews from individuals through direct outreach. Many technology vendors also encourage their customers to review their solutions on Peer Insights. Peer Insights reviewers are asked whether Gartner or a vendor asked them to submit their review on Peer Insights. When a review's source information is available, Gartner displays that information in the review.

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Do Peer Insights reviewers receive anything in exchange for submitting their reviews?

Gartner sometimes offers gifts of nominal value to individuals for submitting reviews on Peer Insights, and does not prohibit vendors from doing the same. Nominal gifts are defined as valued at $25 USD or less. Starting on December 2016, all Peer Insights reviewers are asked whether they were offered an incentive for submitting their review. When incentive information is available about a review, Gartner displays that information in the review.

Laws and regulations in many countries prohibit government employees from accepting gifts of any value in exchange for reviewing technology solutions. Gartner makes every reasonable effort to avoid offering gifts to public employees, but takes no responsibility for the decisions of public employees to accept gifts from Gartner or a vendor in exchange for submitting a Peer Insights review.

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