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How can I ensure my products and services get reviewed (Guidelines & Best Practices)?

Reviews are submitted by users at their discretion. You are free to reach out to your customers and encourage them to submit reviews. While reviewers do not need to be Gartner clients to submit a Peer Insights review, they must be qualified IT professionals or technology decision makers and will be subject to the validation and approval process described in these FAQs.

Below are some guidelines to help you invite customer involvement in a manner that is fair and most likely to generate honest and thorough reviews:

  • Invite customers who have had direct experience with the selection, implementation and/or service & support of your company's products or services to submit a review;
  • Thank your customers for providing feedback;
  • Publicize improvements or changes you've made as a result of customer feedback;
  • Guidance you may want to include when reaching out to your customers:
    • A brief overview of Peer Insights. (Sample language is provided in "Start a Campaign").
    • Instructions and a site link (via a custom URL) that takes reviewers directly to the relevant survey.
    • Reminder that reviews take approximately 10 minutes to complete and are completely anonymous;
    • Reminder that Gartner's validation process ensures that all reviews are authentic and readable, and as such it can take several business days for a review to be posted once approved.

Please be mindful of the following additional guidelines:

  • Your employees may not review your company's offerings or your competitors' offerings;
  • You should encourage customers to write high-quality , honest and thorough reviews with explanatory comments;
  • You may not solicit only positive reviews.

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Who may submit a review and what is the validation process? How do I know reviews are from qualified sources?

Reviewers do not need to be Gartner clients to submit a Peer Insights review. However, they must be qualified IT professionals or technology decision makers and will be subject to Gartner's validation and approval process.

Gartner Peer Insights reviewers are verified through a multistep process that includes completion of a profile with their email address, job role, title and details about their organization.

For a review to be posted on Peer Insights, the reviewer must:

  • Attest to the authenticity of their review by certifying that (i) they are not an employee, consultant, reseller, direct competitor or in any other way associated with the vendor they are reviewing; and (ii) their feedback is based entirely on their own personal experience with this vendor's product/service.
  • Have an identifiable corporate email address that matches their stated employer.
  • Be an IT professional or otherwise involved in technology purchasing.
  • Have a confirmed profile on or a credible external site (e.g., LinkedIn) that verifies their identity, employer and role.
  • Not be employed by a company that has a direct stake in the market or product being reviewed (this includes system integrators and consultants, as well as the company whose product is being reviewed or competitors in that market).

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Which reviews are approved and what is the moderation process?

Reviews are assessed based on a set of unique criteria to determine whether or not a review meets or exceeds Peer Insights' standards for context, quality, and relevance.

A great review typically has the following characteristics:

  • Comments to explain the corresponding ratings
  • Variance in ratings throughout (it is unlikely that the reviewer would feel the same about every aspect of a product or service)
  • Ratings are logically consistent (the overall ratings are in line with the averages of the sub-ratings)
  • Demonstration of experience and expertise with regard to the respective product

Please note, it is the discretion of the Peer Insight group to determine which reviews are approved and published on the site.

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May I offer my customers incentives to submit reviews?

We do not endorse providing incentives to customers for submitting reviews; however, if you decide to offer incentives:

  • Ensure your incentive is of nominal value and in keeping with your company's and your customers' policies on accepting gifts. For most individuals and companies, small incentives may be valued between $5-$25, but when in doubt check with your in-house counsel.
  • Offer incentives for all reviews, not just the positive ones. And offer them to all customers you invite, not just the happy ones.

In order to assist each vendor in their sourcing efforts, Gartner will provide your first 50 approved reviews with a $25 gift card (gift card option is based on the reviewer's location). You can create your review sourcing campaigns and opt-in to distribute incentives to reviewers directly through your Technology Provider Tools portal.

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Who can access reviews? How do I access the Peer Insights reviews for my business?

Summary-level access to Gartner Peer Insights is free and available to the public. Reading the full detail of reviews is also free but requires a simple login. Gartner clients may use their existing credentials to gain access, and Non-Gartner clients must complete a simple registration form for access. Once logged in, users have full access to all Review Details across all Markets.

To access all reviews for your business, simply search on your company/product name or navigate through the markets in which your business has products and services. If you do not find reviews on your company's products and services in a market in which you compete, it is because no reviews for your business have been submitted and approved in that market.

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May I share quotes or details of my reviews on my website or in promotional material?

Yes! Please review the Gartner Quote Policy section 2.9c (Gartner Peer Insights Logo Usage) and section 3.7 (Gartner Peer Insights Quote Policy) to understand the ways in which you may share Peer Insights review details. Additionally, as a registered user, you may create custom links directly to your company's Overview Page within a given Market, Individual Reviews, and Review Surveys.

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May I briefly describe my company and the products and services we offer on the site?

Not at this time, but we are considering adding that functionality in the future.

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I don't see my product/company when I search Peer Insights. How can I get my product listed?

If you would like us to list your company or product in a particular market, please submit your request by email to and include the following information:

  • The company and product name, and a website URL that describes the product.
  • Your name, job title/role and email address (in case additional discussion is needed).
  • The name of the Peer Insights Market you would like the product aligned to and how your company's product provides services/solutions within that Market.

If reviewers do not see the technology provider or product solutions listed in a given market, they have the option of selecting "Other", and may write in the technology provider and/or product. Such write-ins will be subject to verification before approval and publication.

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The markets I am in are not listed on Peer Insights. What markets are opening next?

Our goal is to expand Gartner Peer Insights to cover many more markets. We will continue to roll out new markets in a controlled fashion, prioritizing those markets with high readership in our expert research.

The list of markets currently open for review and those coming up next is available on the Market Roadmap.

Reviewers may submit reviews to any open Peer Insights market, and approved reviews are published on the site.

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May I comment on reviews about my products and services?

Not at this time, but we are considering adding that functionality in the future.

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May I send a private message to a reviewer?

No. We are very careful to protect the identity of our reviewers in order to encourage them to be as candid as possible and provide all relevant detail about the products and services they review.

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How do I contest a review if I feel it is inaccurate?

Peer Insights reviews reflect the experience and opinion of the authors. Gartner neither endorses nor makes any promises about the accuracy of the reviews. If you feel a review contains factually incorrect information about your company's product or service, you may inform us, along with the correct details at

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How do I know which specific product and version a review is about?

Reviewers are asked to specify which product(s) and versions they have deployed in a given market. The product being reviewed is listed at the top of the published review. The version number, if provided, is in the Additional Context section of the published review.

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Are these reviews representative of global technology users? What is the breakdown by region and industry?

In these early stages of building the Peer Insights library, most reviews are coming from North America. As a global company, we are working hard to collect additional surveys and encourage broader participation across industries and geographies.

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Do reviews ever expire?

Yes, Gartner Peer Insights reviews will expire two years after submission and approval. The methodology we use for deciding when to expire reviews will become more sophisticated and change over time.

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Do Gartner's Research Analysts provide any input into the review survey questions?

Gartner Peer Insights is a service by and for the technology community. Gartner Research Analysts help to develop the baseline surveys to ensure a structured and consistent approach to the reviews across markets. Beyond that, Gartner merely provides the platform by which technology buyers may share their insights and experiences.

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Will Gartner's Research Analysts use Peer Insights in their research?

At this time, we will not use individual quotes from Gartner Peer Insights in published research, presentations or other client interactions.

However, Gartner Peer Insights reviews are a new source of information, which may be considered along with a variety of other factors, by Gartner Analysts as part of Gartner's rigorous research process. Analysts conduct in-depth primary and secondary research forsearch for which they draw from a vast network of sources, including end-user clients, technology providers and industry leaders. They may also incorporate content from academic, journalistic and scientific sources. While end-user feedback is important, it is just one aspect in a vast area of criteria that are considered.

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May my company's associates review products?

Employees of a technology or service provider may not submit a review on their company's own products, products of their company's competitors, or in a market in which the company is active in any way, regardless of their role (for example, even if they are an IT end-user professional). IT professionals in a technology or service provider organization may be eligible to review solutions in markets in which their company does not participate.

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Which markets are open for reviews on Peer Insights, and which ones will be open in the future?

Other questions or suggestions?

Email us at

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