Gartner Peer Insights Community Guidelines

Gartner Peer Insights (GPI) is Gartner’s peer-driven community and reviews platform for technology end-users to share their experiences. In order to ensure the absence of commercial influence and provide the best possible reviews, Q&A and networking, Gartner Peer Insights is organized into communities of verified technology leaders as well as a carefully moderated ratings and reviews function for enterprise software and services.

While each individual peer contribution is subjective and reflects the experience and opinion of the author, Gartner preserves its legacy of independence and objectivity through robust verification and moderation processes. By posting and enforcing these guidelines (GPI Community Guidelines), GPI aims to ensure that you understand and get the most value from the GPI Program.

The GPI Community Guidelines govern the following functions of Gartner Peer Insights:

  • Peer Community
  • Ratings and Reviews

Gartner reserves the right to update these Guidelines at any time without notice. Your continued use of Gartner Peer Insights after any such change constitutes your agreement to these changes. Please check back regularly for updates.

To learn more about these Guidelines and GPI, please reach out to

Peer Community

These guidelines are intended to govern your Peer Community experience:

  1. Confidentiality - While everything communicated on the Pulse platform should remain within the Community, the online conversations in which you participate and the information you submit may be used by us, in an aggregate and anonymized format, to inform our research in the ordinary course of our business.

  2. Respect - Treat Community members with respect. Our general rule of thumb is to treat members on Pulse the way you would treat them in a real life business setting.

  3. Hateful conduct - We have a zero-tolerance policy for hateful conduct. Your account will immediately be suspended if you promote violence, or attack or threaten others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age or disability. This zero-tolerance policy extends to all content and conduct in the Pulse Program, including posts, comments, usernames and profiles.

  4. Antitrust - It is the obligation of all Community members to comply with all applicable antitrust laws and to refrain from engaging in anticompetitive conduct. For further guidance, you can review the Gartner Antitrust Policy here.

  5. Personal Opinions - Any opinions expressed by Community members are their own and do not represent the views of Gartner.

  6. Decision to Connect - It is up to you whether you wish to connect with any particular Community member. While Pulse provides a platform for Community members to connect with one another and share experiences, we are not responsible for what happens during those connections. You agree to take reasonable precautions, both in your online communications and in any offline meetings you may arrange.

  7. Data Privacy - Member profiles (including names and faces) are proprietary to each member; do not scrape member information (manually or with scripts); do not send unsolicited promotional materials to members; and do not publish or post other members’ personal information without their express authorization and permission. To learn more, please review our Privacy Policy.

  8. Proper Use - All Community members are expected to use the Community functions of the platform as intended, and as specified in the Pulse “How to Use” information.

  9. Removal from Community - Pulse reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove Community members who fail to adhere to these Community Guidelines.

  10. External Use of Community Content - Any external use of the content published on the Pulse platform that is not your personal information or contribution (including survey/poll results, Insight reports and social cards) may require approval from Gartner and is subject to the terms of the Gartner Content Compliance Policy.

  11. The Points Program - A key component of the Peer Community, the Points Program is one of the many functions that enable members to engage with and get the most value from the Community.

    There are two types of Points Members can earn - Contribution Points and Gift Card Points, which can be redeemed as set forth below. The discussions, polls, and surveys that are powered by these Points help Members engage, inform and educate each other every day.

    • Earning Points: Upon registration, Members are allocated 300 Contribution Points. Members can earn additional Contribution and/or Gift Card Points by participating in surveys, answering polls and answering questions.

      The amount of Contribution Points and/or Gift Card Points that can be earned for specific participation activities will be communicated in the description of each activity.

    • Redeeming Points:

      Contribution Points

      Members can redeem their Contribution Points by engaging with the Peer Community. They can use their Points to ask a question, contribute a survey or discussion and/or create a poll.

      Gift Card Points

      One hundred Gift Card Points are equivalent to one USD of Gift Card Value. Members can redeem their Gift Card Points to access other awards (such as Gift Cards) and exclusive events only via the Mobile App (for iPhone or Android) as further explained below.

      Gift Card Point Redemption

      A maximum of $30 worth of Gift Card Points may be redeemed within any 24 hour period.

      Members who are not verified within 90 days of their sign-up will lose all their Gift Card Points but maintain their Contribution Points. Peer Community Members who have not redeemed a Gift Card on the platform for over 90 days will lose their Gift Card Points but maintain their Contribution Points.

      PLEASE NOTE: The “Claim your Reward” link from our gift card provider may expire based on what you redeem it for. Once the time period expires, you will not be able to claim the gift card.

    For instructions on downloading or using the Mobile App, please see the Help Center.

    For further assistance:

    For assistance around Gift Card redemption, please contact We provide email support Monday-Friday and do our best to respond to each request within two business days.

Ratings and Reviews

GPI provides a ratings and reviews platform for technology end-users to share their experiences. In this document, the GPI platform may also be referred to as the “Reviews program”, “Reviews” or “Ratings”. While each individual review is subjective and reflects the experience and opinion of the author, Gartner preserves its legacy of independence and objectivity by posting and enforcing these clear and consistent community guidelines, which are intended to govern the GPI Reviews Program and ensure a robust review verification and moderation process.

These guidelines, which set forth the rules governing our Ratings and Reviews Program for (i) the general users of the website, (ii) those users who submit reviews, and (iii) those vendors whose products are listed and/or reviewed on the website, are divided into three main sections:

  • Understanding Reviews: Governs our GPI Ratings and Reviews Program, including the quality assurance (QA) and vetting of reviews published on our website, and provides guidance on how to interpret software and service reviews.
  • Writing Reviews: Summarizes the criteria reviews must meet in order to be published, the process for flagging reviews, and provides additional guidance about our GPI Ratings and Reviews Program.
  • Vendor Guidelines: Provides greater transparency to the Vendor community with guidelines Vendors must follow, including Vendor entitlements, best practices, and a link to the GPI Vendor Portal tool, which contains additional information.

Only for the purpose of this document, word market(s) refer to both

  • Markets as defined in Magic Quadrant or Market Guide research documents
  • Categories as defined on Gartner Peer Insights category pages

We have also developed detailed FAQs for Reviewers and Vendors, which are intended to provide answers to some of the most common questions regarding our GPI Reviews Program.

1.  Understanding Reviews

1.1 Overview

Reviews play an important part in educating potential software buyers by sharing the opinions of peers and others who have relevant software experiences. Reviews help buyers make more informed decisions and also provide Vendors with feedback and valuable insight into their software or service. We have created a website that maintains high-quality, relevant content written by verified users, which is free of direct conflicts of interest.

As a website operator, we display content generated by our community of users in the form of software and services reviews. The honest opinions expressed in the reviews are those of the reviewers and not of Gartner. Gartner endorses neither the opinions expressed by the reviewers nor the responses to those reviews by the vendors.

1.2 Accessing Reviews on GPI

To access a review, simply search for a vendor/product name or browse through the markets to find a vendor’s products and services. If you are unable to locate reviews on a vendor’s products and services in a specific market, it is likely because no reviews for that vendor have been submitted and approved in that market. Users need not be a Gartner client to access these reviews and reviewers do not need to be a Gartner client to submit a Gartner Peer Insights review. A reviewer may set up an account to contribute to the platform, free of charge. We accept reviews from enterprise professionals, including technology decision-makers, enterprise-level users, executives and their teams; however, every user will be subject to Gartner's validation and approval process and the Community Guidelines. See below for more guidance on how a review can be posted on Gartner Peer Insights.

1.3 Find More Information About Review

Reviewers are asked to specify which product(s) and versions they wish to review in a given market. The product being reviewed is listed at the top of the published review. The version number, if provided, is in the Additional Context section of the published review.

1.4 Verification Process and QA on GPI

Gartner is committed to providing a platform for high-quality reviews and has developed and maintained a robust reviews Quality Assurance (QA) process in order to achieve that goal. Prior to publishing, all reviews go through a rigorous QA process in an effort to ensure published reviews are from verified sources, and provide helpful content. All reviews adhere to the Community Guidelines and are treated equally during the verification process, regardless of rating or Vendor.

Reviews are assessed to determine whether or not a review meets Gartner Peer Insights' standards for context, quality, and relevance. As a neutral content platform, Gartner Peer Insights relies on reviewers to provide accurate and honest details about their software experiences. While we do not attempt to determine a review’s truthfulness or endorse the opinions expressed, we may evaluate a review at any time and for any reason; at our discretion, we may remove a review that we reasonably believe violates these Community Guidelines.

1.4.1 Verifying Reviewers on GPI

In order to post a review on Gartner Peer Insights, the reviewer must:

  • Attest to the authenticity of the review by certifying that (i) he or she is not an employee or direct competitor; (ii) employed by an organization with an exclusive relationship with the product being reviewed (this includes exclusive partners, value-added resellers, system integrators, and consultants); and (iii) the feedback is based entirely on his or her own personal experience with this Vendor’s product/service.
  • Have an identifiable corporate email address that matches the stated employer
  • Be a working enterprise professional (e.g., students and freelancers are not allowed to submit a review) including technology decision-makers, enterprise-level users, executives and their teams.
  • Have a confirmed profile on or a credible online presence (e.g. validated company website and/or professional networking profile) that verifies his or her identity, employer, and role.
  • Not have a conflict of interest with the product being reviewed. Vendors, their employees, or anyone with an exclusive relationship with a product are not allowed to review their own product or a competitor’s product.

1.4.2 Content Guidelines on GPI

In addition to verifying reviewer identity, we assess review content to determine whether or not a review meets Gartner Peer Insights’ standards for context, quality, and relevance. This assessment is intended solely to ensure that reviews align with our Guidelines and is not meant in any way to change the original meaning and intent of the underlying review. GPI reserves the right to reject a review for non-compliance with these Guidelines, at our discretion. Please note: At this time, reviews must be written in English only. GPI leverages the following guidelines to determine if the content submitted in the review meets our standards for publishing:

Be specific and relevant

  • Reviews must highlight the reviewer’s specific user experience related to the offering being reviewed and its specific features/capabilities. Review can also cover ancillary aspects of usage such as cost effectiveness, productivity enhancements, etc.
    • For Software - Reviews should focus on specific usage of the product such as the objective of the deployment, how did it help achieve the goal, and other specific details to help an IT buyer make an informed decision. We do not approve reviews that comment solely on the experience with the vendor without any product level details.
    • For Services - Reviews should focus on the length of the engagement, experience with the provider and the specific engagement team, details of services offered, service deployment objective, and other specific details to help the services buyer make an informed decision. The focus of the review should be on the services directly, not an evaluation of any of the products used to deploy the service.
  • Reviews should have more than one descriptive input based on specific user experience. Single input reviews with general and/or ambiguous commentary are discouraged and will not be accepted.
  • Reviews that are identified as written for a different product or market other than the one selected with the review will not be approved for publishing. A notification email will be sent to the reviewer along with the option to recategorize and/or resubmit the review.
  • Review headline must summarize the reviewer’s experience and provide insight into the overall rating submitted instead of stating the obvious such as ‘Review for X product’, ‘Feedback’, ‘My Summary’.

Be balanced

  • Provide a realistic account of the user experience by providing both positive aspects as well as improvement opportunities. A good review comprises lessons learnt – likes and dislikes both, to help buyers make informed decisions.
  • Examples of a balanced comments in a review:
    1. Training modules are solid but the ability to edit ALL modules would be very beneficial. It’s nice to have a lot of reporting options but could be made a bit less confusing and simplified along with more advanced reports.
    2. Service and support has been outstanding. Product is good; but is somewhat limited in scope on what languages can be scanned. Professional services support on vulnerability remediation has been a big value add.
    3. Great App-Framework with quick time-to-market; especially for SME. Very fast and helpful Support and Account Management-Team. Not as flexible for highly individualized solutions; but they are working on it and keep pushing.

Be fair and respectful

  • Reviews must not contain abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing language. We do not permit reviews that contain personal threats, obscenities, or hate speech.
  • Reviews must not promote or criticize an offering other than the one being reviewed.
  • Reviews must not accuse any type of criminal activity unless the activity has been proven by a court of law. We do not allow references to pending legal matters in our reviews as our team is not qualified to make a decision as to the truthfulness of a legal accusation.

Be original

  • Reviews must not contain plagiarized content. We do not allow reviews to be copied from another source, including our own website(s).
  • It is imperative that reviews must be posted by the actual reviewer. Our verification process prohibits reviews that are posted on another’s behalf or under an assumed identity.

DO NOT disclose personal, confidential, or sensitive information

  • Reviews must not include personal information, identify an individual or otherwise compromise his or her privacy. Personal information includes name, address, phone number and any other type of information used to identify an individual.
  • Reviews must not violate any legal agreements, including without limitation third-party confidentiality, non-disclosure, or contractual obligations. Note: We do not recognize non-disparagement agreements.
  • Reviews must not contain financial or pricing information, such as a reference to specific amounts of money spent while using the product.

Gartner's verification process aims to ensure that all reviews are authentic and readable, and as such, it can take several business days for a review to be approved and published on the website.

1.5 About Our Reviews Team

Our reviews team evaluates each review submitted through our website. We train each team member on our investigative procedures and task them with verifying the identity of each Reviewer, identifying potential conflicts of interest, and making sure that submitted reviews meet our guidelines. With tens of thousands of reviews submitted each month, we continue to develop and hone our team’s expertise in this area.

Our team is trained to be neutral and unbiased when verifying a review. We treat a five-star review sharing a positive experience in exactly the same way we treat a one-star review sharing a negative experience. As a neutral online content platform, we cannot remove an opinion or a statement from a verified Reviewer unless we deem, in our discretion, that it violates these guidelines or other terms on our website.

To reinforce this position, our reviews team remains separate and independent from our sales and relationship teams and initiatives. The reviews team treats all Vendors (clients or non-clients) equally by ensuring that all posted reviews undergo the same Quality Assurance process. We take our legal and regulatory obligations seriously when it comes to our reviews program and continue to ensure that all of our policies and practices comply with the most current applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.

1.6 Understanding Reviews on GPI

A review expresses the opinion of a single person with experience using a certain software product. When evaluating a set of reviews for a software product, it is important to consider the following:

  • Do not rely on a single review. Each reviewer’s experience is unique to their own situation. Wherever possible, take into consideration multiple reviews to develop a broad understanding of the software’s capabilities and support.
  • Evaluate reviews over time. It’s important to consider how reviews about a Vendor have progressed over time to see if past issues are being resolved and whether new issues are being addressed. More recent reviews are more likely to reflect a product’s most current set of capabilities and most relevant experiences.
  • You can also focus on reviews that have job profiles and industries related to you to get more relevant information

While the posted reviews are not intended to provide readers a specific course of action, they provide buyers with one important tool to help them make an informed decision. Use your own judgment when evaluating a review’s content and make your decisions based on all information available to you.

To learn more about how to get the most out of reviews, please read our blog on Using Gartner Peer Insights to Select Enterprise Software.

2. Writing Reviews

2.1 Reviewer Expectations

We strive to provide a forum for reviewers who adhere to our Community Guidelines:

  • A place to post anonymous reviews. We do not reveal either the reviewer’s identity or their organization's name on our website. We only publish the following with the review: reviewer role, industry, title, and company size.
  • An environment free from harassment from vendors or other reviewers. A reviewer should never be subjected to harassment in any form from a Vendor or another reviewer on our website as a result of posting a review.
  • Equal treatment of reviews regardless of review rating or client status. All reviews adhere to these Community Guidelines and undergo the same verification and quality control processes, regardless of the rating or the product being reviewed. Reviews for Gartner client products are treated the same as non-client products.
  • Reviews are published as submitted. We will not edit or modify the content of a review in a way that changes its intent. Rather, if the review does not comply with our Community Guidelines, then we will not publish the review or will remove it. Reviewers may re-submit a review that meets our Guidelines.
  • Private information remains private. We do not disclose to third parties any personal contact information or communications shared with us by reviewers (except as required by law to help facilitate legal investigations).
  • Ability to update review content upon reviewer request. Any reviewer who wishes to change or update their review should contact our team. For verification purposes, the reviewer must reach out using the same email address submitted with the original review.

Please report violations of the above guidelines or conduct that otherwise interferes with another’s ability to have the experience described above by contacting us so that we can initiate an investigation. Violators may be subject to penalties at our discretion, including a comment on a vendor’s profile or denial of access to the website.

2.2 Review Sources at GPI

GPI obtains its reviews from a variety of sources. We collect reviews from individuals through direct outreach, both with and without the use of incentives. We may also seek reviews from individuals who visit Gartner Peer Insights. Many technology vendors also encourage their customers to review their solutions honestly on Gartner Peer Insights.

2.3 About Incentivized Reviews: For Reviewers

Offering “nominal incentives” as a means of encouraging the submission of reviews (regardless of whether they are positive or negative) is widely considered common industry practice. Simply put, incentives help motivate software users to leave reviews. Were we to only publish those reviews that did not receive an incentive: (i) our online community would have less guidance to help inform their purchasing decisions; and (ii) there would be a risk that the incentive practice would simply move “underground” and not be disclosed. This underground activity would be difficult to police.

Gartner Peer Insights will note when a posted review has been incentivized, in accordance with applicable law.

In our ongoing efforts to provide the most comprehensive and balanced view of the software marketplace, we may from time to time offer incentives to encourage certain reviewers (identified by their profile information: company size, industry, job role, geographic location) to review products in specific markets. This protocol, which is intended to apply equally, as needed, across all countries in which we operate, does not preclude any reviewer from submitting a non-incentivized review directly on the site by clicking here.

Eligibility Criteria for incentives:

PLEASE NOTE: In our ongoing efforts to ensure a just and legally compliant Reviews Program, Gartner will not provide an incentive to:

  • Reviewers who are employees of -or have an exclusive relationship with- the company being reviewed, or a direct competitor;
  • Reviewers who are employees, officers, directors, agents of Gartner, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their immediate families;
  • Reviewers who are government and public sector employees;
  • Reviewers whose company policies prohibit the acceptance of gifts in the context of business transactions;
  • Reviewers from organizations that do not meet Gartner’s definition of mid to large enterprises (a company greater than $50M in size); and
  • Reviewers who are individuals (or who are acting on behalf of individuals) (1) subject to, (2) residing in countries or (3) employed by organizations identified in any government sanctions watchlist, including but not limited to the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List or other sanctions list.

** Even if you fall under one of the categories listed above, you are welcome to submit a non-incentivized review directly on the site by clicking here.

2.3.1 Gift Cards

Please see below for Gartner’s policies around the use of gift cards to incentivize review submission on Gartner Peer Insights:

  • Only reviews that are submitted through a Gartner-approved  incentivized/rewards campaign are eligible for a gift card.
  • An individual Reviewer is eligible to receive up to ten (10) gift cards in one (1) calendar year.
  • Gartner will provide gift cards only for those reviews that  have been published. Where two or more reviews are submitted and published for the same market, vendor, and product, only one gift card will be provided.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Peer Insights promotional campaigns will expire after one week. (Please note this in no way impacts a Reviewer’s ability to fulfill a gift card they have already received under the expired GPI promotion). Claiming Gift-Cards

If a review meets the gift card eligibility criteria and is published on our website, Reviewers can go to the “Your Reviews” section of their Gartner Peer Insights profile page and click on “Claim your Reward” for individual reviews. After doing so, they will receive an email from with easy-to-follow redemption instructions. To resend the gift card, Reviewers may go to their Gartner Peer Insights profile page and resend the gift cards for individual reviews.

PLEASE NOTE: “Claim your Reward” link for individual reviews will expire 30 days after review approval. After the time period expires, a reviewer will not be eligible to claim the gift card.

2.3.2 Gartner Peer Insights Plus Membership

A membership to Gartner Peer Insights Plus (GPI Plus) is an alternative to Gartner’s gift card incentives that is available to reviewers who submit reviews through GPI Plus promotions. The GPI Plus offering aims to help tech professionals stay current on technology trends and excel in evaluating software/services. 

In return for a published review, the reviewer will receive membership access to the following:  

  • Gartner delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams. Our expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s most critical priorities.

  • Updates on software vendors: The reviewer will learn about top vendors across key evaluation parameters such as service and support, integration, deployment, etc.

  • Gartner Peer Insights website features to ease vendor shortlisting: The reviewer will be able to search reviews by topic, make detailed comparisons, and more.

  • Latest Industry news roundup: The reviewer will learn about today’s challenges and tomorrow’s trends through popular news articles curated by Gartner.  

Please refer to guidelines and rules of engagement for Gartner’s policies around GPI Plus membership.

Additional Eligibility criteria for GPI Plus Membership: In addition to the eligibility criteria mentioned in Section 2.4,  the following are not eligible to access the GPI Plus Membership: (i) consultants, (ii) system integrators or (iii) technology providers. Learn more about the GPI Plus program

2.4 Referral program

The Referral Program enables approved Gartner Peer Insights (GPI) reviewers (“Referrers”) to invite their colleagues (“Referees”) to join and contribute to the GPI community. Once the Referee's review is approved both the Referee and the Referrer will receive a gift card. Each Referrer is eligible to receive a maximum of ten (10) referral gift cards per calendar year.

2.4.1 How to Use the Referral Program

  • Using email to invite Referees: If you have your colleague’s email address, you can directly send them your referral link in an email invite to join Gartner Peer Insights. You can send your invitation to multiple email addresses together and also personalize your message in the invite email.

In order for your referee to receive credit for your referral, you must ensure that the Referees use the referral link provided in your invite email whenever they sign-up on Gartner Peer Insights.


3. Vendor Guidelines

3.1 Overview

In an effort to ensure a level playing field for both Users and Vendors and remain a neutral, trusted platform, we require Vendors to adhere to the following Guidelines regarding our Reviews Program. We apply these Guidelines equally to all Vendors, regardless of account status (clients or non-clients). Vendors who violate these Guidelines will be notified and may be subject to penalties such as an alert on a vendor’s profile, or suspension of services.

  • Vendors may not allow their employees to submit a review about their company's own products, products of their company's competitors, or in a market in which the company is active in any way, regardless of their role (e.g., even if they are an IT end-user professional). Enterprise professionals in a technology or service provider organization may be eligible to review solutions in markets in which their company does not participate.
  • Vendors may not coach or in any way influence their customers in their reviews or indirectly collect or host a collection of reviews for our website.
  • Vendors may not post reviews on a user’s behalf, for their own product or for any product from which they could receive a strategic or financial benefit, about a competitor’s product, even if the review is based on actual experience with using the product.
  • Vendors may not abuse the incentive policy in any way such as by encouraging their customers to submit positive reviews.
  • Vendors may not engage with the Reviewer outside of our site with the purpose of influencing the review. Vendors may engage by posting an external response via the Technology Provider Portal. Because all of the reviews approved on Gartner Peer Insights are anonymous, Vendors should address the comments in the review and not any specific individual or company.
  • Vendors may not flag reviews under false pretenses as a means to artificially inflate their product ratings or to determine the identity of an anonymous reviewer.

3.2 Vendor Expectations

All Vendors who access our website and adhere to our Community Guidelines are entitled to the following:

  • A rigorous evaluation of submitted reviews. All reviews, regardless of their rating or the status of the vendor (client or non-client), undergo the same standard rigorous quality assurance process.
  • A fair investigation of flagged reviews, independent of client status. Because our reviews team operates independently from our sales and marketing teams, all flagged reviews will be investigated by the Reviews Team and independent of any client relationship. The Review Investigation Process is outlined below.
  • Vendors are encouraged to use reviews about their products as a means of engaging in constructive dialogue with their user base.
  • The Gartner Peer Insights team regularly performs quality audits of the market to ensure the integrity of their platform. We reserve the right to remove reviews or migrate them to more appropriate markets in accordance with Gartner’s research.

Because Gartner's validation process is intended to ensure that all reviews are authentic and readable, it may take several business days for a review to be approved and posted.

We apply these Guidelines equally to all vendors, regardless of their status as clients or non-clients.

3.3 Review Investigation Process

When a review is flagged for investigation our support team will review it to ensure (i) it meets our Quality Assurance and Verification Process, and (ii) the content of the review does not violate our Content Guidelines. The team may contact the reviewer to obtain additional information and will use a standard internal protocol to determine if the review violates these Community Guidelines.

Please note the following:

  • As a neutral content platform, we will not make subjective decisions as to the intent and opinions expressed in the content of any review.
  • We do not facilitate arbitration. We are not mediators and will not intervene in disputes between our reviewers and vendors.
  • We will not share personal contact information or communications between us and our reviewers without the reviewer’s consent.

Most investigations are concluded within a week but may be extended to allow for the research and outreach necessary to make an informed decision. During the investigation, the review at issue will remain published and visible on the vendor’s profile. In order to prevent false accusations from manipulating the overall review scores received, we do not remove reviews during an investigation.

Be assured that we take requests for investigation seriously and that we review each escalation on a case by case basis in accordance with these Guidelines. At the conclusion of our investigation, an email will be sent to the requestor to communicate the decision from the investigation.

3.4 Review Sourcing Guidelines

3.4.1 About Incentivized Reviews: For Vendors

In order to assist vendors with their sourcing efforts, Gartner has created guidelines to which vendors must adhere when offering incentives to their customers in exchange for submitting a publishable review. Vendors are encouraged to leverage Gartner-approved-incentive programs if they choose to offer incentives to their customers.

If a vendor opts to offer their customers incentives outside of a Gartner-approved incentive program, the vendor must adhere to the following Gartner guidelines:

  • Ensure your incentive is of nominal value (as required by the FTC) and aligns with your company's and your customers' policies on accepting gifts. Gartner has determined that nominal value for an individual Gartner Peer Insights review must not exceed $25 USD.
  • Vendors may not offer more than one incentive to a reviewer for publication of an individual review nor may they offer an incentive in combination with an incentive offered by Gartner.  
  • If a vendor opts to offer a monetary incentive, they should opt into the Technology Provider Funded Incentive Program offered by Gartner.
  • Any non-monetary incentive offered by a vendor must not exceed $25 USD in value.
  • Vendors may not host a raffle that offers the chance to receive an incentive that exceeds $25 USD in value.
  • Offer incentives equally for all reviews, not just the positive ones. And offer them to all customers you invite, not just the happy ones.
  • Vendors should not offer incentives to Gov/Public sector employees in exchange for reviews - when in doubt, check with your in-house counsel.

Vendors found in violation of these guidelines are subject to penalties.

In order to assist vendors in their sourcing efforts, Gartner provides all recent GPI- onboarded organizations with 50 complimentary $25 gift cards for a period of 6 months following the onboarding call. Vendors have the option of having Gartner offer their customers either a $25 Visa international gift card or a $25 donation to charity in exchange for a review that is published on Gartner Peer Insights. Vendors must use the Review Sourcing Links available in the Technology Provider Tools (TPT) to opt in and monitor incentive allotments to their customers.

All vendors listed on Gartner Peer Insights may offer their customers the following incentives:

  1. Technology Provider Funded Incentives: Vendors are able to fund their own incentives directly in their Technology Provider Tools (TPT) portal, up to $5,000 USD per market, per year. See Technology Provider Funded Gift Cards FAQs to learn more.
  2. Gartner Peer Insights Plus: Vendors have the opportunity to offer a 3-month Gartner Peer Insights Plus content membership to their customers in exchange for a published review. See Gartner Peer Insights Plus FAQs to learn more.

In order to maintain reviewer anonymity, Gartner will distribute the gift cards and Gartner Peer Insights Plus memberships to eligible reviewers . Vendors must use the Review Sourcing Links available in the TPT to opt in and monitor incentive allotments to their customers.

3.4.2 Guidelines for Sourcing Reviews

Reviews are submitted by users at their discretion. Vendors are free to reach out to their customers and encourage them to submit reviews. While Reviewers do not need to be Gartner clients to submit a Gartner Peer Insights review, all Reviewers will be subject to the validation and approval process described in these Guidelines. Below are some tips to help you solicit your customers’ involvement in a manner that is consistent with our guidelines and most likely to generate honest and thorough reviews:

  • Invite customers to submit a review who has had direct experience with the selection, implementation, and/or service & support of your company’s products or services.
  • Thank your customers for providing honest feedback. This may be in the form of a thank you or other nominal incentives in accordance with the incentive guidelines above.

Below is some additional guidance you may want to include when reaching out to your customers:

  • Provide them with a brief overview of Gartner Peer Insights.
  • Provide them with instructions and a custom review sourcing link URL (generated within the TPT portal) that takes them directly to the relevant survey. Please Note: Gartner Peer Insights reviewer anonymity must be maintained. Do not create review sourcing links or undertake any other activity that allows you to track reviews submitted by individuals or individual companies. Peer Insights reserves the right to reject any reviews where we determine the individual reviewer’s identity is known by the vendor.
  • Remind customers that reviews take approximately 10 minutes to complete and are completely anonymous.
  • Remind customers that Gartner’s validation process ensures that all reviews are authentic and readable, and as such, it may take several business days for an eligible review to be posted.
  • Remind your employees that they may not review your company’s offerings or your competitors’ offerings;
  • Encourage customers to write high-quality, honest, and thorough reviews with explanatory comments.
  • Make sure to solicit honest reviews- be they positive or negative. You may not solicit only positive reviews.
  • Remember that vendors that violate these Guidelines may be subject to penalties.  

More guidance related to sourcing can be found on the TPT portal.

3.4.3 Guidelines for Vendor Programs

Gartner Peer Insights provides all eligible vendors with the opportunity to participate in certain optional programs, designed to enhance the vendor experience. Vendors who agree to participate in any program do so voluntarily. See the Technology Provider FAQs for additional program details.

3.5 Contesting Reviews

Gartner Peer Insights reviews reflect the experience and opinion of their authors. Gartner neither endorses the content nor makes any promises about the accuracy of the reviews. If you feel a review contains factually incorrect information about your company’s product or service, you may inform us using the “report inappropriate content” button available on the review submission page.

You may also contact us at, subject line “Contesting Review ID XYZ.” Within the body, please include the review you would like to contest; specific evidence that highlights details as to why the review is factually incorrect/the specific information that is factually untrue; and evidence on your website supporting your claim. The Gartner team will assess your request and get back to you within 48 hours.

We are very careful to shield the identity and ensure the anonymity of our Reviewers in order to encourage them to be as candid as possible and provide all relevant details about the products and services they review.

We hope that these Guidelines have provided some necessary direction and instruction. In the event you would like to learn more, we have also created detailed FAQs for Reviewers and Vendors regarding our Verification Process. (User FAQ, Vendor FAQ,) which are intended to help provide answers to some of the most common questions asked about our Reviews Program.