Product Listing Guidelines

Gartner Peer Insights (GPI) is a reviews and ratings platform for technology end-users to share their experiences. Product Listings provide a way for technology providers/ vendors ("Vendors") to collect candid customer feedback and for technology decision makers to learn about your company's products and services. The Product Listing Guidelines are intended to ensure transparency and consistency for Vendor Product Listings evaluation, approval, and ongoing management.

The Product Listing Guidelines, which set forth the rules governing Product Listing for Vendors, are divided into two main sections:

  • Registering Your Company on Gartner Peer Insights: Summarizes for Vendors the major steps to register on Gartner Peer Insights and request a product listing.
  • Guidelines for Product Listing on Gartner Peer Insights: Provides further detail on (i) how Gartner evaluates product listings, (ii) how Vendors may contest market classifications, (iii) what steps to take when renaming Vendors/products, and (iv) additional Vendor programs designed to enhance the Vendor experience.

Only for the purpose of this document, word market(s) refer to both

  • Markets as defined in Magic Quadrant or Market Guide research documents
  • Categories as defined on Gartner Peer Insights category pages

We have also developed detailed FAQs for Vendors, which are intended to provide answers to some of the most common questions regarding our GPI Reviews Program and Product Listings.

1. Registering Your Company on Gartner Peer Insights

1.1 Request Listing

To request a listing of your company or product in a particular market:

  • Create an account with us to access your Vendor portal. Include the following:
  • Your name, job title/role, and email address (in case additional discussion is needed). This personal contact information will be used for the sole purpose of administering your services and in accordance with the Gartner Privacy Policy.
  • The name of your company and product name, and a website URL that describes the product.
  • The name of the Gartner Peer Insights market you would like the product aligned to and how your company's product provides services/solutions within that market.
  • Once we receive this information, the team will assess the product and credentials and update the vendor's profile accordingly.

The Gartner Peer Insights team regularly performs quality audits of the markets to ensure the integrity of the platform. We reserve the right to remove reviews or migrate them to more appropriate markets as a standard editorial function.

2. Guidelines for Product Listing on Gartner Peer Insights

2.1 Registering a Request

To have your product added to the Gartner Peer Insights platform:

  • Vendors may submit their requests through the Gartner Peer Insights' Technology Provider Tool.
  • Vendors will need to review the list of active Gartner Peer Insights markets to determine which market best matches their products or services.
  • The Gartner Peer Insights team will review Vendor's request(per the Evaluation Criteria listed below) and, at their sole discretion, will provide a final determination, as to whether a product or service fits in a market.
  • If Reviewers are unable to locate the Vendor or product solutions listed in a given market, they may select "Other," and write in the Vendor and/or product. Such write-ins will be subject to our verification before approval and publication.
  • If the Gartner Peer Insights team determines that the Vendor's product or service meets the criteria of a market other than the one selected/submitted by the Vendor on their original request, Gartner Peer Insights reserves the right to re-categorize the product or service to the appropriate market.

In keeping with our goal to expand Gartner Peer Insights to cover many more markets, we will continue to roll out new markets in a controlled fashion, prioritizing those markets with a high readership in our expert research. The list of markets currently open for review and those coming up next is available on the Market Roadmap, which is updated every couple of months. Reviewers may submit reviews to any open Gartner Peer Insights market, and approved reviews will be published on the website.

2.2 Product Evaluation Criteria

A dedicated Gartner Peer Insights team uses an objective set of criteria to evaluate whether a product(s) or service(s) aligns with the Gartner Peer Insights market definitions. All market classifications of Vendor products and services are at the sole discretion of Gartner Peer Insights and all decisions are final. The Gartner Peer Insights markets are periodically reviewed to ensure alignment is maintained. Please note: products listed on Gartner Peer Insights constitute a broader list than what appears in Gartner Magic Quadrants and Gartner Market Guides.

In determining whether a product or service fits in a Gartner Peer Insights market, the GPI team may consider the following criteria, among other things, regarding a Vendor's products or services:

  • The product or service must have all capabilities described as "mandatory" in the market definition. If no capabilities are described specifically as "mandatory," the product/service must have 50% or more of all other features or capabilities enumerated in the market definition and description.
  • The Vendor must sell to mid to large-size enterprise clients. GPI does not include small business or consumer IT solutions because it is aligned to meet the needs of enterprise buyers.
  • Peer Insights maintains a freeze period of three (3) months (or longer in some cases) before review sourcing ends for Voice of the Customer. During this freeze period, the addition of new products and services to a Peer Insights market will be put on hold. Once the freeze period has ended, GPI will then add the product(s) or service(s) to the market, provided that it/they meet(s) the market criteria.

If, through the course of ongoing maintenance and review, a product or service is found to no longer be aligned to a Gartner Peer Insights market, then the product or service may be added to a broader "Other" classification. Products may, however still be denied inclusion in these broad classifications if they do not meet Gartner Peer Insights criteria for serving mid to large-size enterprise customers. If a product has already been placed in a Gartner Peer Insights market, it cannot also be placed in a broad "Other" classification.

Product Listings by Reseller: Because Product Listings are reserved for the Vendors that own the products, GPI does not permit resellers, integrators, and/or other partners to host Product Listings.

All market classifications of Vendor products and services are at the sole discretion of Gartner Peer Insights. We reserve the right to modify, re-categorize, or remove a Vendor/Product listing if, in our sole discretion, the listing or profile fails to comply with these Guidelines. The final determination of product or service fit to a market is at the sole discretion of Gartner Peer Insights.

2.3 Contesting Market Classification

Should a Vendor disagree with a market classification, the first point of escalation is the Gartner Peer Insights team. Vendors must provide supporting details and evidence to support their request for inclusion in the applicable Gartner Peer Insights market. Any supporting evidence a Vendor provides must be from a publicly available source like their website, or a press release. We will not accept internal documents prepared for this purpose.

2.3.1: Removing a Product/Service from a Market

A product/service listing may be removed from a Peer Insights market only if it meets one of the following conditions.

  • Upon evaluation, a product is found to meet less than 50% of the defined features of a specific market.
  • The product is no longer for sale, as verified by Peer Insights based on publicly available information.

In all other cases, the product will continue to be listed on Peer Insights and available for review.

For all email inquiries to our Gartner Peer Insights team, you should receive a response within 48 hours.

Escalation process steps:

  • Step 1: Document your complaint. This can be a simple email, but it should list the disputed issue(s) and factual evidence supporting your view.
  • Step 2: Reach out to the assigned Program Manager, to help you resolve your query


If that fails, connect via email with the second point of escalation — Ombudsman, Gartner.

  • Step 1: Send an email of your documented complaint to
  • Step 2: You will be contacted to discuss your complaint

2.4 Guidelines for Renaming Vendors/Products

Requests to rename a Vendor company name or a Vendor product must be supported by publicly verifiable information ONLY. To be eligible for consideration, all supporting documents, such as datasheets, must be downloadable from the company website. For further information, please refer to the Gartner Naming Guidelines.

2.4.1 Product Listing Guidelines

  • Product and service listings must be at the suite/highest service level and not broken out by modules or components. Each listed product or service must be sellable as an independent item.
  • If the market is a service market, we will keep the service names at the highest level unless the service has a given and explicit "brand" name. While we realize that service names may not be branded names, we will keep the service name at a general term and at a high level.
  • Beta stage products must be denoted in the following manner: product name (beta)
  • In the event that a Vendor makes a change to their product(s) portfolio, including product consolidation as a result of M&A, product rebranding, or product split, we will make the required changes to the Vendor's product listed on Peer Insights after verifying the same from the company website or other authorized source. Once verified and approved, all products, along with the associated review, would be moved as per the new product listing.
  • If there is a change in the definition of the market (due to a merger, split, etc.), Gartner would re-assess the fit of product(s) in the newly evolved market(s). Based on product alignment, reviews for that product would move along with the product.

2.4.2 Renaming in Case of Acquisitions/Divestiture

For a Vendor name change resulting from an acquisition/divestiture, the corporate reorganization must be finalized and publicly available information, through a press release or on the Vendor's website.

Reviews in such cases will be moved to the relevant Vendors, based on how product names have been changed or included in the relevant Vendor's product portfolio as verifiable through public sources.

Example case — Naming format will be the following:

Company A acquires Company B

Resulting Name: Company A (Company B)

2.4.3 Naming of a 'Legacy' Product

1. Legacy products will be denoted on Peer Insights in the following way: Product Name (Legacy). Legacy products will not be included in 'Voice of the Customer (VoC)' evaluations.

2. For Retired/Legacy products, Vendor must provide Gartner Peer Insights with a publicly available 'End-of-Life' or an 'End-of-Support' (EOL/EOS) document (or a public web-link indicating the same) for evaluation by our team. Once verified, we will mark the product as 'product name (Legacy)'.

3. In case the EOL/EOS is not available, Gartner Peer Insights team will only consider the representation on the official website of the Vendor to determine the status of a legacy/retired product.

3. Vendor Product Profile Guidelines

The primary purpose of the Product Profile is to provide Peer Insights users with objective, factually accurate information on the company and product where the Product Profile appears.

The information included in this section is designed to help Vendors understand the high-level criteria used to approve submissions and answer any questions they may have about the process.

Below are our overall guidelines for content on the Product Profile. For information on specific portions of the Vendor Product Profile, please consult our content guidelines.

Your content must:

  • Be suitable for Gartner Peer Insight's audience of enterprise software users
  • Be in English
  • Only pertain to the company and product for which the Product Profile is approved
  • Be factually accurate and publicly verifiable
  • Use standard spelling and grammar

Additionally, here are some general Do's and Don'ts for written content and image assets.


  • Do ensure that all information is factually accurate.
  • Do write in third person, using the product or company name.


  • Do not write in first person point of view (e.g. we, I, us),
  • Do not use overly comparative language and superlatives (e.g. best, most)
  • Do not use offensive or defamatory language
  • Do not include calls to action (e.g. Sign up for more information here) and personally identifiable information in submitted content (e.g., phone, email, URL)
  • Do not mention competitors or their products in the Product Profile
  • Do not use line breaks, symbols, special characters, or HTML tags
  • Do not include links to external sites unless directly specified

Please note the information requested below is collected solely for the purpose of displaying the profile on Peer Insights. It is neither collected for nor provided to anyone in Gartner for any other use.