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What is 5G Radio Access Network (RAN)?

5G radio access network (RAN) solutions represent the radio base station of 5G network infrastructure : radio units, massive MIMO function and BBU solutions. They are the core of 5G network infrastructure and are steadily virtualized under the vision of 5g network softwarization. Considering Open RAN, network cloudification and its programmability involves a gradual change as 5G RAN solutions need to manage existing physical resources, as well as resources in a hybrid environment.

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"Ericcson 5g RAN is a complete end-to-end 5G NR solution "

Ericcson 5g RAN is a revolutionary radio access network technology that enables the next generation of wireless service such as mobile broadband and latency sensitive.

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"Easy web admin and secure network connection, broad signal coverage"

Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 is easy to setup and support both 5G and 4G devices

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"Top innovator in 5G technology"

Strong compliance to 3GPP standards Flexible to support operator requirements depending upon end customer use cases

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"Filling the gap in market for a great open radio wave based data network."

Pioneering way to run open RANs. A great open and fairer way of providing network coverage. This will allow more companies to find use cases based on RAN networks, especially in the area of IoT (internet of things). This Open RAN makes wider adoption and innovation more possible.

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"Implementing vRAN in infrastructure to expand services."

We have deployed massive community wifi in Indonesia. Then we have to add cellular feature on our network. We're able to prototyping with minimum cost by using ORAN from Mavenir.

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