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RSA SecurID Access

Strong product, but the implementation and testing period can be challenging

We experienced major issues with getting the RSA tools, especially offline access, to work properly on the majority of our systems, which are Surface Pro 4 units running the most recent build of Windows 10. For our desktop machines that are never offline, the process was flawless. The same was true for the handful of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines that hadn't yet been migrated to Windows 10. It took several months of working directly with second and third-tier engineers with RSA to work through all of the issues we were seeing. Now that we have resolved those issues through a series of registry adjustments, permissions changes and GPO updates, RSA is working well across all of our end-users. We are now in the process of integrating into a number of internal websites and client-server applications.

RSA SecurID Access

Great tool for authentication. Simple and easy to use, but includes many features to use

The system has fit extremely well into our environment. Implementation was smooth. The system is user friendly and the administrative side can be learned fairly quickly for an IT pro. End users are able to grasp the concept of the generated passcode, but one small issue we have seen is that they get the passcode confused with their PIN when attempting to authenticate.

RSA SecurID Access

Really nice tool

the tool works really well, but need to improve documentation