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Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Be very clear on what you are getting and what they can [really] do

Sales has a very different view of what can be implemented. Okta did not have any OWA implementations although they stated over and over that they did. We ended up having to write a script in house to get it to work. Same with Peoplesoft.

Okta Single Sign-On

Easy to implement and integrate

Great experience and easy to work with other SaaS vendors to get this going

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Okta Single Sign-On

Easy to implement MFA and single signon so far...

We rolled out Okta for MFA for VPN access as the first step and are now rolling it out for single sign and MFA on an application by application bases. That has worked well. I really like the push capability for MFA vs. having to type in the 6 digit number. I can also as a user approve access to the app via MFA by clicking approve on my apple watch. No special implementation work needed by my IT team to enable that. So far the integration with another applicaiton for single signon was fairly easy to set up. We started with a fairly complex app and we had no real issues. We hope to roll out single sign on intetgration with our remaining apps more quickly than originally planned.

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Okta Platform, Okta Single Sign-On

Great support, easy implementation and very intuitive to manage.

OKTA has been great to work with. They have fantastic support, and they are great for consulting. We regularly have meetings on their road map for the future, and possible feature implementations in our org.

Okta Single Sign-On

Okta greatly simplifies user management for growing companies

Okta has simplified our user and device management greatly. As a growing company, the onboarding and management of users was unsustainable before we implemented a single sign-on solution. Everything about the solution has been great.

Okta Single Sign-On

Overall very happy with OKTA Single Sign on and MFA

OKTA is continuously evolving and adding new integrations. Customer support is good and downtime is minimal.

Okta Single Sign-On

Preparing in advance makes for a smooth implementation.

Main difficulty has come from coordinating with other application vendors. Okta has been good to work with. Lining up resources with other applications to be ready to implement is key.

Okta Single Sign-On

We found a great product and outstanding partner in Okta.

Okta worked diligently with us through the entire process, from research through implementation. The experience was thorough and extremely painless.

Okta Platform

Is Okta better than the rest?

The experience using Okta has been good. So far we have no complaints regarding this service. There are alot of good companies with platforms, I think this one takes the cake though.

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Okta Universal Directory

Should definitely be on your SSO and 2FA solution shortlist

The success parameters for Okta deployment have all been met and the company has been a breeze to work with.