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A well rounded toolset that works invisibly to protect our apps

OneLogin has worked well for us in implementing a consolidated login experience for our staff. Because we have a large on-premise user base and have used the DesktopSSO feature heavily most people are unaware that OneLogin sits between them and their access to apps - and this seamless integration is one of the greatest benefits to us from a user experience and security perspective. The best part of our involvement has been the customer service and engineering interaction with the team at OneLogin never left wondering where an issue might be or about a question we might have. Proactive updates, regular chats and taking and actioning feedback have been pluses all round. The low point for the product would be its API IMO. You cannot do all the administrative tasks in the API currently and some of these can be a bit tedious via the web tools for our Ops staff, and the API keys are account wide - not per user.

OneLogin, OneLogin IDaaS, OneLogin Virtual LDAP services

vLDAP and SSO for Desktop has limitations

Experience has been great with implementation team. Ongoing support has been good but response time on important issues can be slow. Open tickets take a while to get root cause.


Security and Financial Advantages of OneLogin

Our IT team was looking to adopt SSO suites to reduce the number of passwords employees need to remember, grant faster access to applications and improve security. Our internal staff had access to over two dozen cloud applications, we realized that users were struggling to keep track of their numerous passwords — and failing. This problem was increasing the cost of running our help desks, as our IT team was frequently called upon to reset passwords. An internal review found that our employees frequently lost or forgot the URLs, user names and passwords required for authentication. Users were wasting valuable time attempting to access applications when they could have been doing work. Our goal was to improve productivity by giving users a central portal that would provide easy access to all their web-based applications. Real Cost Savings The solution was to deploy a single sign-on (SSO) app from OneLogin, a system that took about 30 minutes to initially test. Now, once a user is authorized in OneLogin, the system passes off a certificate and email address and the user can log in to the applications they are authorized to access. We also really benefited from the way OneLogin uses Security Assertion Markup Language to integrate with the organization’s cloud-based applications. SAML has become the industry standard for securely exchanging authentication and authorization data for web-based SSO. Using OneLogin SSO has allowed us recoupe savings year over year. OneLogin has reduced spending on help desk calls by $35,000 annually and saves $82,000 in lost productivity per year. We’ve had a sustained level of savings every year since the system was deployed in 2012.


OneLogin - Identity Without Failure

OneLogin's support, both their engineering teams as well as our account representative, have been fantastic. We constantly regard OneLogin as our most reliable vendor, both from application availability and support response time and resolution standpoints.


Big company, still focuses on customer

Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful when they could be. As with any company that grows and has a large customer base, though, my requests for change have to be prioritized and reviewed. In a smaller company, I wouldn't feel so lost in the mix. The team has been proactive in contacting me and making sure everything has gone smoothly. Every interaction I've had has been pleasant, the downsides are only the nature of the beast.


Strong partner

Working with OneLogin has been an excellent experience. We had some troubles with their LDAP connector but they worked with us to get through it and continue to work with us to implement new features.


Implementation was easy, minor tweaks made after deployment.

Working with OneLogin has been a frictionless experience. They took the time to understand our needs as not only a customer but also a reseller. Working with their support team has also been a great experience not only during our initial deployment but also during post implementation.


Robust Cloud Identity solution with wide application support

Service has been very good for the duration of our relationship, they have even customized service offerings for us


Implementation was easy and over 4000 prebuilt connectors to SaaS applications

The team supporting the project understood the solution, integration expectation, and implementation steps. The process was just sound. We had a short timeline to implement the solution to support a major hosted platform for our customers and it was just perfect.


Robust, full-featured, friendly staff, and easy to use

There were numerous problems early on. We had difficulties with implementation, and the platform was shaky - there were many elements that had single points of failure. Currently, the system seems rock solid. Even with the S3 outage recently, OneLogin kept trucking along almost at full steam. Their product is full-featured. There's really not much that I wished they had but don't currently have. It's also quite easy to use. Most normal apps are already in their marketplace. For the ones that aren't, I'm able to set them up pretty quickly using a default SAML app in the marketplace. I am thrilled to be partnered with them, and I recommend them to everyone looking for an SSO solution.