Ping Identity

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Ping Federate, PingAccess

Implementation is straightforward and powerful.

Ping has a strong product suite and is able to deliver the solution that we needed. The initial deployments were straightforward. The interface was powerful enough to allow a test deployment to federated authentication with AWS Console in 2 hours.


Enhance your federated authentication solution with MFA

We already had Ping Federation implementation and Ping Identity was easy to implement on top of the existing FAM solution.

Ping Federate

Great product but not an easy implementation

The overall implementation of the product was complex and time consuming. It took professional services and a few weeks of engagement to implement in production. The product works well and is robust but has a high learning curve.

Ping Federate

From POC to Implementation, the support has been excellent.

Very strong Sales, Pre Sale Engineering during the POC phase of the effort that really drove the decision. Also liked the PingIdentity is very involved in the thought leadership of industry standards efforts. Post installation support is also very strong and has been very effective. Also, the technical documentation is very clear and easy to find.