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Implementation took longer than expected for reasons independent of the vendor

- Fairly good product, Sailpoint staff knowledgeable and dedicated


Great product for access certifications, but be cautious going too far out of the box.

SailPoint has been a reliable product for access certifications but lacks some flexibility when it comes to custom solutions.


Costly and Slow/Bad IAM Solution

Our company has been fighting an up hill battle with this solution for about 2 years now. Impression is that research was done to find a leading tech solution and utilize leading partners for the implementation. We are way past deadlines and way over budget. I got pulled into the project to try to help stabilize it. Overall I am not impressed and would suggest anyone considering this solution to have someone highly technical on their team to see a good working implementation, prior to picking this as a solution. The syncing of records is no where near real time. A goal we've had was to try to get new hires to provision to all of our systems within an hour. This is a stretch to say we meet that requirement. The aggrogration and provisioning occur via scheduled tasks and for our small number of records/identity cubes (~18k which includes duplicates) takes ~13 hours to run daily. Another task that needs to kick off after that takes another 5 hours. For this small number of employee related records, our db has been over 15 gigs for this solution. It can be argued that the implementation was bad, however core performance issues tie back to the platform itself and I'm limited on space to go into details. Much of the logic is stored in beanshell code, so it makes it extremely difficult to have proper source control around the solution, as the code is stored in the db wrapped in xml. Refreshing to lower environments required doing clean up of audit data from the iiq console via iiq commands took hours and we ended up having to do direct sql query commands (that took only a couple minutes). Refresht to the lower envs had tons of refs to other environment end points. Work flows have asynchronous/thread based issues. Plenty of other issues, but not enough space to type them.