4.3 out of 5 (4 Ratings)

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Great product.

Many benefits from using ACL to support audit analysis efforts.


It works, but not very flexible, nor adaptable

The product functions as expected, but we have many users who receive error messages (false positivies) that are caused by differing versions of browsers and operating systems. The vendor does not seem concerned with these challenges often incurred at a large diverse organization such as ours.


Implementation was easy, but needs better customiziation options

Although the transition from the old system to the new has been quick and easy, it requires greater customer flexibility to accept a certain limitation to customize the tool.


Adaptive technology that brings immediate value!

ACL's promise of improved data analytics, time to market and overall value to the organization has proven true on every level. Our savings have conservatively been 20X the original investment and with no personnel adds or burdensome development processes.