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Alfresco Activiti

Alfresco does not have an Implementation Strategy, Architecture or Best Practises Model

Alfresco does not have or follow a best practices model for implementing their solution. Their development resources, architects, and engineers do not know the product. They are all very "New" to the Activity Product and their training materials are not geared to new users.

Alfresco Activiti Enterprise

Powerful ECM, but requires knowledgeable consultants for installation

Ensure you partner with a quality third party service provider/consultant to optimize configuratoin for your environment.

Alfresco Activiti Enterprise

Great features covering the majority of use cases, at a reasonable cost

Overall the product is good, once you get some expertise around it. It isn't as mature as other products in its category, but does the basic things well and alows for expanded capabilities with some builds

Alfresco Activiti

Activiti is a great open-source BPMS - Consider alternatives such as Camunda.

Good experience overall. Activiti was a good fit for embedded BPM. The combination of BPMN for model definition and execution was a distinct advantage over other solutions such as Tibco.

Alfresco Activiti

Activiti provides a cost effective, powerful entry into the Business Process Mgmt space

Alfresco is responsive to technical questions regarding their products. In addition, there is a strong user community for valuable support.