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IBM Operational Decision Manager

Implementation is easy but you need to know what you are doing to fully utilize the tool

There is quite a bit of difference in quality as to which resources show up for the implementation at your site. We had to reject a couple of resources that were not the "experts" that were promised. Other than that, overall experience was pretty good.

Blueworks Live, IBM Business Process Manager

I think more timely support is required .It will be great to have both BPM and ODM in one

We implemented two Enterprisewide applications and both went well.We were able to sacle those.It was good experience.

Blueworks Live, IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Operational Decision Manager

IBM BPM Platform is complex and difficult to support

The Platform is extremely complex. Troubleshooting issues take a long time because we have to first identify whether it is a product or application issue. IBM is a good business partner. We recently did an application migration, involved IBM On Demand Consulting and the operation went well. Moral of the story - engage the right SMEs at IBM instead of trying to do it yourself.

IBM Business Process Manager

Some value created thus far but we have more releases planned to expand process scope

IBM is a valued partner to Swiss Re

IBM Business Process Manager

BPM tooling requires organization maturity

IBM BPM requires a multi stack implementation, which could be complex. Organizational maturity is key.

IBM Business Process Manager, Rational System Architect XT

Product is good, but skillset requirements remains challenging

The product itself is pretty good with lots of features and supports agile development. But the end to end implementation experience is a struggle due to the skillset and understanding required to implement a BPM project. The product doesn't make it easier for a lesser skilled and committed team to implement the product with ease. IBM BPM suite is getting better after purchasing and integrating Lombardi, but still ways to go before we can say that the implementation is easy / smooth.

IBM Business Process Manager

Implementation is easy, upgrades are difficult

Our implementation went well, however the updates and upgrades require a tremendous amount of work.

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