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K2 blackpearl

Great product. Time spent up front in planning is key.

K2 has been great to work with and have been quick to respond to our questions and issues. The professional services they offer have been key to getting K2 ready for process development. We did not provide training for our system administrators which would have been helpful. If our entire project team had started with a better understanding of the project, our implementation time would have been reduced. It took us longer than anticipated to set up our smart objects and security.

K2 blackpearl

A good low code environment that integrates with SharePoint

The vendor provided great support during an evaluation and after purchase. During the purchase process, we did bog down in a legal review but that is as much our internal problem as the vendors.

K2 blackpearl

developer driven toolset. lack capab. for business users for design and develop

some of the UI experience lack web 2.0 capabilities

K2 blackpearl, Other...

K2 BlackPearl is good but not the K2 Smartforms

the K2 Blackpearl component is good, however, the K2 Smartform product is giving us some headaches especially during deployment from one environment to another.

K2 blackpearl

K2 Great Tool with a big learning curve

Big learning curve

K2 blackpearl

Challenge getting projects developed and into production.

Finding available people with K2 experience to hire proved to be a challenge. The Learning curve was steep. Not what was advertised or shown in the demos. Installing the SharePoint integration/connector portion had many issues.