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Oracle BPM, Oracle Event Processor, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Portal

Oracle BPM Suite - Great Set of Tools if Organization is Ready to Leverage!

With this product suite, went above and beyond to implement and provide education on best practices.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Implementation was not difficult, but there are unresolved issues causing outages

Overall implementation has been good, but there are still some unresolved issues causing production outages. Unable to get the vendor resolve the issue

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Post Modern ERP Integration with SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Middleware is a solid product provides robust tools for exposing servies and integrate corporate applications.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Complete HA functionality within a datacenter

Initail product deployment and setup was straight forward. Product support existing web clients deployed throughout the company. High Availability within a datacenter work well. Experienced a lack of technical support exportise for advanced deployment technology of HA between multiple datacenters.

Oracle BPM, Oracle Fusion Middleware

Implementation was not as simple as we expected. Watch out for infrastructure fitness.

The technology stack is vast and complex and licensing terms are also complex. There are some discrepancy between the patching cadence for BPM vs the Oracle SOA Suite.

Oracle BPM, Oracle Event Processor, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle WebCenter Content

Oracle Document Management Solution for Invoices

Product was in very early phase where development team handle the support calls for us. Post go live we continued to face some issues with GUI interface. Except for one form the application worked as advertised and desired. We were lucky to have a boutique firm that did the implementation for us. They had great relationship with the development team which resulted in successful outcome.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle - Leading Customers to Great Destinations.

Most of the service was great! I don't have anything negative to report.