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PMG Digital Business Platform

Process automation at its best!

We have over 600 customized service offerings in our Service Catalog. We have successfully automated numerous IT and business processes in our environment. We have a highly mature Service Catalog that our users are very happy with. Administering the tool is very easy and everyone on the team has learned how to build services and workflows from scratch. You don't have to be highly technical to use this tool. Overall, we are very happy with our implementation and the service we receive from PMG. We went live in 2008 and since then have been growing exponentially and the adoption rate has been amazing.

PMG Digital Business Platform

Implementation is easy, connectors are a big help when connecting to other applications

PMG has always been responsive to our needs and always have a suggestion, method, or connector to help us with our process designs. Installation and upgrade of the application are quick and easy, one of the best applications I work with. Forms are a little limited in functionality.

PMG Digital Business Platform

Capable BPM and internal Service Catalog, needs additional 'pay for' functionality for MSP

Responsive and friendly, knowledgeable

PMG Digital Business Platform

PMG Rocks - People, Process & Technology.

PMG's profession services were critical to the successful implementation of a shopping site for our 10,000 person field force. Our prior applications using their software were for our 6,000 person home office.

PMG Digital Business Platform

PMG is a partner not a vendor. They will help you use the tool to meet your needs. Easily.

Outstanding relationship. We have the feel of being supported by a small company that can scale and understand the difficulties of a large company. They have an outstanding network of customers that can share experiences and successes and leverage that in the development of their product. They take feedback extremely well. We are able to work directly with the folks who are driving the product and even co-develop at times. Their support ranges from technical support to adoption support, to executive level support with ease.

PMG Digital Business Platform

Challenging implementation fully supported by a top notch vendor/partner.

The vendor bought into our objective and had shared ownership of the project. Their team was as focused on meeting our internal commitments as we were. They were flexible, accommodating, and willing to work through unexpected challenges. They treated us very fairly from a contractual standpoint.