4.4 out of 5 (10 Ratings)

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Easy implementation, wonderful functionality

The software provides functionality beyond expectation. The implementation was fairly quick and users were quick to adopt the technology.

webMethods Integration Platform

Powerful tool that needs more organizational training and awareness up front

Great support from the vendor. They want us to succeed as much as we do.


Software AG

Software AG provides very polished and professional consultants to work with that are extremely knowledgeable about their products and truly understand the complexities of how to implement their software in a miriad of industries.

webMethods Integration Platform

Easy implementation with little early roadblocks

It was good overall experience

ARIS, webMethods BPMS, webMethods Integration Platform

Great BPM Product

ARIS is a great BPM product and the end users were extremly happy with the user friendly interface.


Great product; would love enhanced reporting

The vendor was always accessible for questions and to explain features and functionality. They have a dedicated help line for real time support as well.

webMethods Integration Platform

Implementation was easy and we have experienced developers to design well

The license policy should be flexible and should have had a flexible price model that can help the clients better implement the suit of products.

Apama Streaming Analytics, webMethods Integration Platform

SofttwareAG webMethods - A Superior Platform with Superior Support

Our overall experience has been very positive. SoftwareAG has been very helpful in helping get the platform installed and configured after the sale.

webMethods Integration Platform

Implementation was successful due to excellent support from the vendor.

Software AG has been a great company to work with. Their software is robust and stable.

webMethods BPMS

Needs a lot of support to get the best performance

During implementation we found that we were testing the limits of the system in terms of product performance. The vendor was very committed to solving issues, but we wish we didn't have to be the first to find them as the project had a significant overrun