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ActiveMatrix BPM, ActiveMatrix BPM Analytics, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, Other...

Has been able to solve our problems

The product has integrated very well with the organization's complex technology ecosystem with multiple diverse technology platforms. We are going with One Bank One Technology motto which has resulted in continued success.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

Easy implementation

Working with the newest version of the tool, had a few challenges but was able to work around them.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

Implementing a SOA environment within De Watergroep

Very good customer experience. Long tradition of working with Tibco

ActiveMatrix BPM

Powerful tool which needs improvement on user friendly UI (High Customization)

Not as user-friendly as needed. Lot of customization to the UT.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

Tibco Business Works enabled painless ERP-MES integration

Tibco support and documentation is very good. Documentation is publicly available which helps with product evaluation and sharing.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, Other...

Meets the needs

Met the needs

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO BusinessEvents

Done Right

Strong, Reliable Software

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

It is a good product but doesn't adopt to fast growing technical stack

It was very positive and it is been running for more than 14 years. Support is very good and very responsive.

ActiveMatrix BPM

TIBCO ESB Implementation

TIBCO provides best of breed ESB solutions and does a fantastic job of supporting their products.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, Other...

Fast and easy to implement Rest

There are some initial hich ups for this version as it's a new plugin for Tibco, Over all with the patches it was going smooth. There are still small issues but can overcome those.