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Customer focused

The first demo was better than other suppliers and another division recommended XMPRO. After being on hold for 6 months due to internal beauracry, we gave them go ahead and they implemented solution in less than 3 months. Our initial plan was to do a phased launch, but our VP asked us to roll out to all locations at oncd after 2 weeks of UAT. The volume of tasks wasn't accounted for and we quickly saw that we needed to simplify workflow. 6 months later we rolled out phase 2. We continued to use the system the whole time. We also migrated over 20 years of legacy data from multiple generations of systems. Today we make small improvements as needed in the spirit of continuous improvement.



XMPro review

Product was very crude. No AJAX, everything was postbacks. Required multiple SDE to develop solution. Deployment was very buggy and still required a lot of manual scripting.

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