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Reviews for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide

What is CRM and customer experience management (CEM) software?

CRM implementation services are the more traditional type of project, in which sales, marketing, customer service and digital commerce processes are improved. A CRM implementation service (hereafter referred to as CRM) strategizes, designs, integrates and deploys software with minimal integration or extensions within any of the four CRM domains: Sales — Solutions that support field sales, telesales, retail sales, Web sales and technology-enabled buying, Marketing — Solutions that support customer segmentation, marketing analysis, campaign management, marketing process automation and other marketing functions, Customer service and support — Solutions that support customer service and support processes, including consulting, technology implementation and solution deployment, but excluding the outsourcing of call centers and customer service centers, Digital commerce — Solutions that support e-commerce storefronts, product catalogs, personalization, mobile commerce and social commerce.

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