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Wild Fire

excellent experience. very easy


Providing a second opinion

Palo Alto has always been a great partner and they bring very strong products to the market to help achieve many of the goals our organization has.


If you are looking at PA, adding this layer of security is close to a no-brainer

We deployed the technology as a replacement for an existing tool as well adding new capabilities to our existing infrastructure. Setup was quick, pretty straightforward and worked as expected.


Palo Alto Wildfire Review

We were interested in improving our risk and exposure to malware and viruses. So far the product seems to be performing well.


3rd party vendor support very helpful

Working with a 3rd party vendor was helpful but the lions share of work was done by our network engineer. The installation went well with no major hurdles. We had some configuration issues with Wildfire but those were easily mitigated once we identified them.


Excellent tool to enhance visibility and enable decision making

Wildfire has enabled us, as a business, to make rapid decisions based on real-time data to address and eliminate risks before they become enterprise wide issues. Our visibility into what is going on in our network, and what is trying to get into our environment has better positioned us to deal with threats and have a positive outcome.