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Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Good product scalable and manageable

For the most part the implementation has been good we did have a few bumpsin the road with voice quality etc but we have ironed out those wrinkles

Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Great partners with plenty of flexibility for a growing company

Five9 has been an excellent partner as we have grown from a small 10-seat operation to a huge 200+ seat operation with tens of thousands if inbound calls. They are attentive to our business needs and goals, willing and even excited to innovate with us, and overall excellent partners to work with.

Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Make sure that the product is thoroughly vetted by all stake holders

Painful onboarding process. We had to re-do quite a few things on the back end. Administrative tools are outdated. Salesforce Plus adapter is very clunky and has had several service outages. Their support team isn't great