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Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Perfect CRM for Enterprise Users

As an enterprise level user, I need the call quality, flexibility, and speed to market that Five 9 delivers. Excellent uptime, experienced technical account managers and competitive cost makes this solution best in a market at this time. Other solutions do not offer nearly the functionality as Five 9 and basically provide a softphone/dialer and everything else is a significant upcharge. Five ( has a very robust CRM, including a drag/drop IVR included in the basic set price. Though not perfect, I can not say anything negative about the organization and we have selected them as a vendor of choice for all future growth.

Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Positive experience so far with implementation and the ease of use of the product

Implementation has gone relatively well and the outside consultant engaged to help with our implementation has been quite responsive. We've had two brief outages since implementation but they have been addressed quickly and Five9's tech support has been extremely responsive, much more so than our previous vendor. We are not yet 100% fully integrated with the full suite of products we purchased (more our fault than Five9's), but we are moving towards that with a goal of full services (WFM, QA, QM, etc) by end of April.

Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Good product scalable and manageable

For the most part the implementation has been good we did have a few bumpsin the road with voice quality etc but we have ironed out those wrinkles

Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Great partners with plenty of flexibility for a growing company

Five9 has been an excellent partner as we have grown from a small 10-seat operation to a huge 200+ seat operation with tens of thousands if inbound calls. They are attentive to our business needs and goals, willing and even excited to innovate with us, and overall excellent partners to work with.

Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Make sure that the product is thoroughly vetted by all stake holders

Painful onboarding process. We had to re-do quite a few things on the back end. Administrative tools are outdated. Salesforce Plus adapter is very clunky and has had several service outages. Their support team isn't great