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Cloud Contact Center

Straightforward integrated implementation and proficient professional team.

The product integrates easily with email and IPT services we use for our call centers. The project team was great to work with. The implementation cycle was extremely short. Subsequent rollouts have been the same. Overall this has been an extremely good experience.

Cloud Contact Center

We doing some progress on the implementation.

The relations just start and we fixing some issues.

Cloud Contact Center

Very good multi channel cloud based customer care platform

Very good multi channel cloud based customer care platform.

Cloud Contact Center

Implementation focused on business outcomes

Having a strong eco system of partners workign for our business outcome

Cloud Contact Center

Looking forward to great things with InContact

The are very knowledgable in the CCaaS space. They came to us with insights we didn't think of, and provided solutions for them.

Cloud Contact Center

Robust feature set, implementation and stability questionable

We have used inContact in other areas of the business so this implementation was to help bring all contact center technology onto one platform. We have had some concerns with their system stability the last few months, but we were already moving forward with the implementation. The product set offered is very feature rich, but the implementation by inContact was not all that good and required rework on our part. We had a 3rd party help define the requirements and manage the implementation. Reporting can be limited and will likely require custom reports to get the data you need.

Cloud Contact Center

Implementation had its challenges, but the product was well worth the small pain points

incontact was great to work with. Their third party implementation partner was not. We were told a lot of functionality that could be built in and then never delivered on. I think this is one of the reasons they no longer work with that third party. incontact support was great throughout our pilot and implentation process and they continue to work with us to help us succeed.

Cloud Contact Center

Implementation is easy, very flexible tool

Tool is easy to implement and received lots of assistance from the vendor. Biggest challenge for us was identifying all of the various internal service teams who could/would leverage this tool. Vendor helped with significant knowledge of best practices, which was great for some of our less mature teams.

Cloud Contact Center

Contact Center Cloud solution with excellent design and monitoring tools!

Extremely successful global project. Vendor's design tools are very powerful and flexible enabling us to create hundreds of custom designs for our company to meet many critical business driven requirements for us and our customers. We support customers and partners from over 50 countries in 19 different languages. We had extensive reporting requirements for our realtime and historical data. We migrated our contact centers from diverse legacy systems to a single architecture and vendor allowing us to streamline our operations and standardize our internal metrics for accurate performance measurements and goals.


Complex business applications? Beware of this solution.

Slow response on business critical functionality.