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Serenova Engage


LiveOps is extremely difficult to work with. The implementation should have been simple as we have straight-forward call flows and a small, single site call center. It was not a straight forward installation, by any means. We went live in November of 2015 and there were many, many issues. For example, any call that required an Agent to Agent transfer would disconnect, even though the second Agent was available and trying to take the call. We followed the trouble shooting process and escalation process given to us, but LiveOps refused to even look at the call flows to find out what was wrong until I escalated. Finally at the end of January, (more than two months after the initial deployment!) they condescended to look at our call flows and discovered that it was programmed to hang up on transfer. It was fixed within 2 monutes and should have been addressed when it was first reported in November (the first day of deployment.) Over a year after the initial deployment, issues continue to plague us without being addressed. LiveOps has cost us hundreds of customers, both existing and new.